8 Free and Green Ways to Keep it Healthy during Summer Vacation

With the summer months well upon us, it’s time to have fun in the sun and enjoy any amount of time we get to relax and spend a little more time with our kids while classes are out. But, even though it’s tempting to use a summer vacation, or even the season, in general, to get a little lax with our fitness and health goals, summer is actually filled with opportunities to better our bodies and health. Check out some of the top ways to stay fit and have fun this summer that can work for even the busiest moms:

1. Go for a run in the morning.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and beautiful summer sunrises by doing your most exhaustive exercise in the morning. Going for a run is the perfect way to kick-start a day of summer vacation. Wake up and head out before the kids ever wake up. By the time you get back and have breakfast ready, you will already have gotten in your most exhaustive workout of the day.

2. Take a walk in the evening.

Even though the temperature will still be on the warm side in the evening, you can enjoy the outdoors by relaxing after dinner with a nice, long walk. The kids may be much more apt to go for an evening stroll than a morning run, so invite them along.

3. Make your own iced treats.

Instead of buying pre-made treats from the supermarket or a specialty ice cream store, you can make your own healthy frozen treats at home. Simply buy a popsicle mold, pour in some fresh-squeezed juice or a smoothie, and you have a super-healthy heat-buster.

4. Exercise in the pool.

Instead of just lounging in the pool, take about twenty minutes to do some concentrated aerobic exercise. Try treading water, swimming, or doing leg lifts.

5. Replace soda with homemade sun tea.

Ditch sodas this summer and opt for homemade teas. Sun tea is delicious and easy to make. Fill a glass jug with water and add about ten tea bags in a flavor of your choice. Let the jar sit in the sun for about a day, and you have some of the most delicious tea ever. Add some honey or cut up fruit for some non-processed, non-packaged sweetness.

6. Get an environmentally-friendly fake tan.

It’s not only important for your skin and overall health to avoid getting too many rays, it’s also much better for the environment to go with a self-tanner from an environmentally conscious company. Choose brands that are made with recycled materials and have a high percentage of natural ingredients. Make sure to check the products health score on sites like Skin Deep.

7. Actually use your home fitness videos.

You may be inclined to stay as close to an air conditioner as possible this summer, but that doesn’t mean your fitness has to suffer. Use time indoors constructively by picking a fitness video and taking about thirty minutes to go through it every day. And getting a short workout in at home beats the cost and environmental footprint of a daily drive to the gym.

8. Pick up a sport.

Summer is the best time to join a club or sports league and break a little sweat playing one of your favorite games. There are always groups playing soccer, football, tennis, baseball and kickball, so follow your interests. Encourage your kids to do the same.

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