Food Safety Tips for Summer Grilling/Fourth of July

by Allison Stowell

1. Start out with proper thawing. If you are using meat from the freezer, make sure you thaw it safely by placing it either in the refrigerator or under cold water in a sealed package. It can also thaw safely in the microwave. Thawing completely ensures the food is cooked thoroughly and safely once it’s put on the grill or stove.

2. Don’t mix marinating and basting. To avoid marinade contaminated with raw meat, do not baste meat or cook with marinade that been exposed to raw meat already. You can safely marinate poultry and stew meat for up to two days, and beef veal, pork, lamb and steak can safely marinate up to 5 days. Be sure to always marinate your meat in the fridge.

3. Hit minimum temperatures. Use a meat thermometer to make sure your meat is cooked to the following minimum temperatures:

Poultry breasts: 165 °F
Ground poultry: 165 °F
Ground meats: 160 °F

Beef, pork, lamb, and veal (steaks, roasts and chops): 145 °F and allow to rest at least 3 minutes.

4. Keep your sides safe. So often, meat takes the spotlight when it comes to food spoilage. However, sides are important too. Make sure all sides, especially the creamy ones made with milk ingredients, are kept below 40 degrees. Chilling metal bowls in the freezer before using them helps keep sides fresh and safe to eat.

Source: USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

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