How You Can Generate Your Own Home Electricity

People are constantly seeking ways to save money at the moment due to the current economic downturn. The great thing is that you can save money as well as being eco -friendly by generating your own electricity at home. The price of electricity is very expensive and it is highly likely that the prices will continue to rise for the next 24 months. By doing a little research online or ringing up companies which specialise in renewable energy, you will be able to establish the best method of generating electricity in your neighbourhood.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are growing in popularity with many housing companies installing them onto new builds as standard. By having solar panels on the roof of your house you will be generating natural electricity which has come from the sun. Some governments offer cash incentives if you agree to start using solar power. In some areas these panels are free depending on your circumstances. You can also opt to rent them which means that any maintenance needed would be carried out by the company which own them. At least part of your house needs to be south facing in order to benefit from solar panels.

Solar Power Generator

A solar power generator installed in the home allows you to enjoy the same benefits which conventional electricity offers such as lighting, hot water and enough power to run household appliances. Research suggests that a solar power generator will pay for itself within 2 years as you will no longer be paying electricity bills. Solar power is a completely clean energy which gives off no harmful greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide. Its main benefit is that it is totally renewable. We will always have the sun, whereas we cannot guarantee how long other energy sources such as oil will last.

Wind Turbines

Another effective way to generate your own electricity is by creating a wind turbine in the grounds of your home wherever possible. It is actually possible to create a turbine by using the alternator from an old car. You can get instructions on how to do this by visiting an eco-friendly website. If you are not confident then you should seek professional help. Building your very own solar or wind system to generate electricity can cost as little as $300 as it is easy to obtain a free battery which will help power your system. Online sites and reclamation yards offer batteries for free to encourage more families to generate their own electricity.


Micro-generation uses a multitude of different renewable energies in order to produce an environmentally friendly power. It uses sunlight, air, heat generated by the earth and water. It is particularly green as it utilizes local resources and powers your home without any harmful gas emissions. It usually uses plants which are deliberately grown for fuel purposes which are known as biomass. It creates hydropower by using natural water movement and it creates heat by taking what the earth, water and air naturally provide.

Depending on where you live will determine how you will be able to generate your electricity. People who live near rivers and streams can enjoy the benefits of using hydropower whilst others will be eligible for solar power panels, solar thermal units or wind turbines. You can also consider having a generator which is powered by diesel.

There are numerous benefits and advantages to generating your own electricity. Thanks to you, the air will be cleaner and you will save a lot of money by no longer having to pay energy bills. Once your preferred method of electricity generator is up and running you won’t have to budget for any potential energy price increases so you will have less stress. If you are serious about being self-sufficient you should thoroughly research all the different options available before you make your decision.

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