The Best Foods to Battle Cancer

By Scott Humphrey

Depending on the statistics you read, cancer is in some cases the #1 killer in the U.S., and in others #2; either way it is a serious national health issue that still seems to be growing. There are many theories about the causes for the epidemic of cancer, and with all the chemicals, toxins, and dioxins in our environment there are plenty of probable causes.

Experts do agree that your diet can and does play a major part in mitigating the risk of getting cancer, as well as increasing your chances for a successful outcome if and when you do get it. There’s not much of a secret here; put healthy nutritious food in your body and you will reap the benefits of strength and stamina. Yet some choices are not as intuitive as you might think.

– Red Meat is not a recommended food while fighting cancer. Red meat contains Diethylstilbestrol (Des), an artificial sex hormone used in food production for some reason. It’s present in much of the meat in the U.S. and has been known to cause cancer in women.

Let’s move on to what we should eat. Some alternative cancer treatments include a raw diet approach, leaning towards a vegan diet of vegetable and fruit juices. Juicing is the best way to make the nutrients in the vegetables and fruit easily digestible and absorbed into the colon.

Not all are created equal though; carrots have been shown to contain a variety of nutrients that have a significant impact on overall health. Carrot juice, or the raw diet is not a cure for cancer; none of these foods are. They simply provide the best vitamins and nutrients to strengthen the body’s healthy cells, and boost your immune system to help fight it off. Beet roots, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, and turmeric are all good additions to a raw juice supplement to your diet.

– Isothiocyanates are a cancer fighting nutrient that comes in broccoli and cauliflower. These nutrients counteract the carcinogens that are in your body, and help to mitigate their growth. Reducing the amount of carcinogenic compounds is the key element to reducing the growth of cancer cells.

– Kale, Strawberries, and Garlic have been shown to reduce the compound called nitrosamines that cause cancer. Nitrosamines are compounds derived from nitrates that are heavily present in hot dogs, which I’m sure we can all agree is not a good food to prevent and fight cancer with. These 3 foods have significantly shown to have decreased nitrosamine compounds in the people who were provided them in the study Cancer Letters (2002;182:1–10).

– Antioxidants like flax have lignans that can have a suppressive effect on cancer growth, and they also contain omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for overall health.

– Mushrooms contain polysaccharides that are an immune system supporter, and they have a protein called lectin that is advantageous in fighting the ability of cancer cells to multiply and proliferate.

OK, so some of these are elements of foods, but the foods that have them are here. Unfortunately there is no diet cure for cancer, but these foods, antioxidants, and nutrients are a viable element to battling the disease with the things that promote the best for our bodily health. Always read food product labels and stay away from processed foods. None of these things will hurt you, yet there are plenty of foods that will do nothing for you, it’s an easy choice.

About the Author

Scott is a freelance writer on a variety of topics including health and wellness. When he is not writing he is hiking in the mountains of upstate New York.