For a parent or soon-to-be parent, their baby’s safety and well being is always a top priority. In the home’s nursery, safety and inspired decoration can often work together beautifully to encourage the young one’s mind and body to grow. But it’s always wise to be on the alert for anything that might jeopardize that ever-important, overall nurturing atmosphere. When safe, calming, soothing patterns and colors are used, early childhood feelings of home safety and comfort begin to develop.

1) Keeping the Chemicals Out of the Air

Beautiful things in a child’s nursery can become a hazard if the materials in the decoration contain poison. One doesn’t like to think that the special poofy-loofy stuffed walrus that anchors the whole room is actually made from old rubber tires. But often times, unsuspecting parents fail to discover that environmentally unsafe materials have been used in decorating the nursery, posing hazards not only to the planet, but to baby and family as well.

A lot of nursery decor can contain hazardous and strong dyes, perfumes, and chemicals that can be a major cause for concern. After all, if these fumes are ingested by the baby, they can pose a serious health risk. For this reason, it is important that all parents use environmentally safe materials not just in the nursery, but throughout the rest of the home as well.

2) Playing It Safe With Objets d’Art

If parents are not careful, they could end up placing hazardous materials in the nursery without even realizing it. Even objects that the baby won’t touch could spread toxins if handled by adults who then pick up the child. For instance, some decorative vases or curios may contain dangerous elements such as mercury or lead. Most parents are aware of the dangers of lead due to recent research, specifically on lead based paint. For this reason, paint with any traces of lead should be avoided at all costs. But it can be difficult to detect the lead when shopping in stores for decorations for a nursery, so parents should play it safe by avoiding any decor that is covered in paint, especially the brighter reds. Of course, it’s always nice to use non-toxic paints at home and add some extra touches then.

3) Removing Dust Mite Havens

Another thing that many parents do not think about when decorating the nursery is that heavy, thick material objects like drapes, tapestries and soft rugs will begin collecting dust immediately. Even though the build-up won’t show for a long while, it’s still giving tiny organisms a head start right where they don’t belong.

4) Creating an Intellectually Inspiring Atmosphere

While original oil or ink paintings are very desirable in most homes, the nursery does not need exposure to those chemical ingredients. However, having early childhood visual stimulation of important people, buildings, or nature, jump starts cognitive development in children. It is an important benefit of having some artwork on the nursery walls. Clean, framed prints of artworks for the baby to look at can be easily purchased from online companies like Artismo, which specializes in reproductions. By ordering prints, parents can enjoy a well-decorated nursery without having to worry about health or environmental hazards. There are wide varieties of prints and posters available commercially that are tailored specifically to baby nurseries, ranging from girls’ and boys’ decor to neutral decorations for parents that are waiting to be surprised by the sex of their new arrival.

5) Saving Mom’s Energy for the Most Important Things!

Another benefit of buying art prints and other green decor items online is that parents can shop from the comfort and convenience of their own home, and they can do Google research on the items in question to be sure of their materials. It also saves them from the stresses of taking a baby along on shopping trips for nursery decor. In addition, for women who are still pregnant and in the process of decorating a nursery, shopping from home can be a real energy saver and can allow her to focus on other important aspects of preparing for the new arrival.

Overall, a main concern for any parent is keeping their baby healthy and safe from harm, which is why it is so important to purchase natural and green products. Not only are they safer, but they also leave the planet a little bit better for the child’s generation. Decorating with green art will bring inspiration to the child and peace of mind to the parents that comes along with having a completely safe nursery.

About the Author

Ann M Bailey is an artist, mother of two, and a former news journalist. She currently contributes many articles to Arts, Business and Health companies, including the online reproductions company Artismo. Framed prints ordered from this online retailer can be completely customized in matting and framing. They offer various categories and decor selections, making your Internet purchases a pleasing experience.