5 Green Alternatives To The Package Vacation

When it comes to planning the annual vacation many of us look to long haul, package trips to far flung destinations. The problem with these is the cost to the environment from all those jet emissions, plus in some destinations valuable environmental resources are being plundered just to satisfy our desire for exotic vacations. So this year why not think about booking something new? Summer is the perfect time to enjoy nature and getaway with family and friends. Instead of doing the same old mundane package vacation, you may want to think about exploring some different ideas for you and your family.

The following are some creative ideas which offer green credentials as well as giving you all a new experience you may just want to repeat for years to come.

No Frills Camping

Most people think that camping is already a no frills adventure. To take your camping experience to the ultimate level in green living, try leaving your electronics, fancy camping gear and any other items you think you can’t live without at home. Only bring the necessities like a tent, sleeping bag, basic survival gear and a cellphone in case of an emergency. Imagine yourself fishing, eating, hiking and camping out underneath the stars without any interruptions or connection to the real world. This type of trip will do wonders for your stress level, and it will surely recharge your mental batteries.


There are a number of organizations that offer green getaways for you and family. They can last anywhere from an entire week to a long weekend. This is an interesting and fun experience that is typically held in a campground type of setting. You and your family will spend time learning about green living and sharing ideas within the community. This is a different type of vacation that gets the entire family involved. You could learn how to grow organic produce, get involved in nature and gain exposure to the various aspects of how to live a green lifestyle.

Visit Your Local Attractions

Staycations and visiting your local attractions is another creative green vacation idea. This saves on jet fuel, and it gives you a chance to discover the popular places in your own city. Visit zoos, museums, festivals and parks. Instead of taking your car, you may want to go green by traveling via bicycle or public transportation. This saves on gas, is better for the environment and is probably better for your pocket too.

Timeshares/Fractional Ownership

If you’ve had your eye on a luxurious vacation property and thought that it was out of your reach, you may want to think again. Fractional home ownership gives middle-income buyers a chance to share ownership in vacation homes that they’ve never dreamed about owning. The property is divided into more affordable sections per each individual, and it gives an owner specific privileges and property usage that is based on their shares. There are even fractional green vacation homes where the communities recycle, and they use only organic and environmental friendly products. Timeshares offer a lower budget option but you will be sharing the property with a larger number of people and their will be greater restrictions on when you can use your home.

Train Travel

Trains can be an adventurous way to see different parts of the country, and it can take you off the well-traveled path that most visitors take. This is an excellent way to travel green, and you can find fun and exciting places to visit. Take a train ride to a state park and learn about the various conservation methods that are being implemented to save our animals and nature. Combining train travel with any of the above ideas will give you the perfect stress free break without the hassle of airport queues, traffic jams and delays!

Most people are concerned about our planet today, and they want to do everything they can to be kind to the environment. When planning your next vacation, you can find a number of fun things to do, from camping to staycations and utilizing membership in your home clubs, as well as exciting places to see and still be good to Mother Earth.

About the Author

This article was written by Georgina Clatworthy who is an environmental blogger, and a contributing writer for Ritz Carlton Club, which offers fractional home ownership to those who want the ability to revisit their favorite locations, without the worry of upkeep and maintenance – backed by a company with a reputation for excellence and distinction.