Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Being a full time mom and a fitness enthusiast can be a challenging and difficult experience. Juggling a packed and tiring daily routine can sometimes make it difficult to recover from exercise.

If a person’s goal is to try control and manage body weight through exercise then it’s vitally important that he or she try to repair those torn or damaged muscles with protein, which can help with quicker recovery and longer training sessions. Consuming protein is not always stress-free, trying to incorporate it into a diet can be easy when looking at alternative methods of consumption rather than making a shake after or before a big gym or workout class.

A great alternative to a shake are chocolate protein pancakes, these offer the recipient a delicious alternative to consuming protein and with a great taste and texture. Simple and easy to make more often than not the ingredients can be found in every average Jane’s fridge and cupboards at home:

Sourcing the ingredients should be relatively easy, once they are collected start by mixing the oats with the sucralose, baking powder, salt and WheyFX protein powder together in a solid mixing bowl. Once mixed well start creating a small hole in the mix using your fingers, once a space has been created break two eggs and begin to mix into a paste. Whisk the mix and gradually add water until the mix starts to turn into a thick batter, once the batter is at thick and consistent level place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Whilst waiting prepare the frying pan by spraying the pan with a light mist of cooking spray or oil. Ensure the pan is moderately heated before the batter is poured on. The perfect chocolate pancake should be around 8cm across and should be lightly friend and not over heated, keeping in as much moisture as possible is key to the taste of the pancakes.

Once the pancakes are browning flip them over and serve immediately, consider toppings beforehand and even try and add as many of nature’s super fruits as possible onto the pancakes; blueberries and bananas are a great source of energy.

About the Author

This post was created by Karl Young, a sports enthusiast on behalf of Powerhouse Fitness, a leading UK supplier of online fitness equipment and sports nutrition.