With the kids heading back-to-school, now is a great time to start planning healthy and nutritious lunches! Say bye-bye to plain peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hello to exciting new food combinations that young and old alike will love! LUNCHBOX SOLUTIONS is chock full of delicious recipe ideas to nurture your family’s health.

Written by Chef Kate McAloon (The Healthy Chef to numerous Hollywood stars), Therese Kerr (mother of Miranda Kerr, proud grandmother of Flynn and GM of Kora Organics), and Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani (International award winning, best selling author and mother of four), this new cookbook features the following:

1. Informative videos explaining certain foods and health principles.

2. Over 70 step-by-step recipes that are wholesome, gluten-free and easy and incredibly tasty.

3. An extensive ‚click through Glossary‚ which enables the reader to learn about the nutritional benefits of ingredients, plus ideas on how to empower your children with this knowledge.

4. Fantastic tips on how to vastly (and easily!) improve the health of you and your family.

5. Shopping list suggestions for easy pantry stocking and online ordering.

In addition, LUNCHBOX SOLUTIONS includes information about some ingredients you may not be familiar with, such as coconut oil, agave syrup, gluten-free grains and flours. These can be easily found in health food shops and are highly recommended as health-conscious substitutes for their commonly consumed counterparts, like margarine, white sugar and white flour.

Cooking is not rocket science (although baking may be!) and you can turn all of your food battles into eating adventures with a little inspiration. Tiny Green Mom will be featuring recipes weekly from this exciting new cookbook, so if you are looking to break out of the lunchbox rut you are currently in, stop back often!

To learn more or to buy a copy of the book, visit www.chefkate.me.