Completely lick-able and oh-so likeable, these cool and creamy frozen pops are made with our new peach yogurt. These easy to make yogurt pops are as smooth and creamy as ice cream, but because they’re made with our real dairy, lactose free yogurt and packed with tummy soothing probiotics there’s no tummy trouble. And these pops have a good “pop” of protein (4g) with only 84 calories per serving.

Peaches-n-Cream Dream Pops


3 (6 oz.) Green Valley Organics Peach Yogurts

2/3 cup Green Valley Organics Plain Kefir

3 Tbs. honey or agave nectar

1 tsp. vanilla or almond extract

1 1/2 cups chopped fresh or frozen peaches


1.Put yogurt, kefir, honey, and vanilla in a blender, and pulse until smooth.
2.Pour some of the yogurt mixture into each of the molds, about 2-inches.
3.Divide the chopped peaches evenly between the molds, and top off each mold with the rest of the yogurt mixture.
4.Using a chopstick or wooden skewer, poke the peaches in and around the yogurt mixture, swirling as you move the stick up, down, and around in the mold.
5.Tap mold gently to release any air bubbles.
6.If using a conventional mold, place the top on the pops and insert sticks. Freeze until solid, about 3 to 4 hours. If using cups, glasses or unconventional molds, freeze until pops just begin to set, then insert the sticks, and freeze until solid.

Makes 10, 3 oz. pops.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Green Valley Organics.*