Green Media Dangers

One of the best ways for a modern family to reduce the amount of clutter in their home while also encouraging entertainment providers to produce less potential waste is by taking advantage of all of the online media streaming options for music, movies, or TV shows. After all, even those of us who try to minimize our family’s consumption of television related entertainment still enjoy watching movies sometimes, children will always love watching cartoons, and teenagers will want to listen to the hottest new tunes.

The Benefits of Online Viewing

Companies such as Netflix have made it very easy to access tens of thousands of movies and TV shows instantly online. This not only makes life a lot easier, it also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, because you will not have to drive anywhere to purchase or rent a movie. In addition, you won’t be required to have the physical space to store DVDs, nor do you have to be concerned about all of the plastics used to create each DVD case.

The Negative Side of Online Entertainment

Although media technology has decreased its environmental impact, the rise in popularity of online entertainment has also led to a huge increase in Internet piracy. There are hundreds of websites devoted entirely to profiting off of bootleg materials. The worst part about this issue is you could be duped into viewing and perhaps even paying for something that is illegal. It is important to understand that ignorance will not stand as a valid excuse in a court of law. As the major media conglomerates continue to crack down on Internet piracy, it is possible for someone who did not have bad intentions to get caught in the middle of a legal battle. This will require them to hire the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Katz & Phillips, an Orlando criminal attorney group, encourages Internet users to avoid the seemingly innocent activity of Internet piracy. By giving an example of a Minnesota woman who illegally downloaded 24 songs, she was fined $1.9 million. It never occurred to her that she was doing something illegal and the end result would be a hefty fine. Although the Internet is a convenient resource, consumers should be careful which sites they visit and how they conduct themselves online.

Safe Online Viewing

Sites with safe and legal online music or movie downloads are easy to find. First, you should steer clear of any websites that aren’t familiar to you. While it might be tempting to click on a link that is advertising free streaming of a recent movie or latest song, you need to ask yourself if getting a computer virus or potentially engaging in an illegal activity is worth it. Secondly, you can sign up for a regular movie and TV show Internet streaming service, such as Netflix, Hulu or Blockbuster or you can purchase music online through companies like itunes or Amazon.

Home entertainment and music will eventually become completely centered on streaming media. By taking advantage of it now, you can reduce your expenses and start participating in a greener method of watching movies or listening to music. Internet piracy will probably never go away, but you can avoid it by sticking to major providers for your online content.

About the Author

Krista Langford is a green lifestyle advocate and a contributing author for Katz & Phillips, an Orlando criminal attorney group. These Internet law experts specialize in crimes across the web, which include but are not limited to the following: spamming, piracy, hacking, creation and distribution of viruses as well as phishing. They couple their extensive Internet knowledge with their tenacious criminal defense law expertise to ensure that their client’s case has the best possible outcome. Hire an experienced advocate to be on your side!