Recommended Diet for Active and Healthy Kids

Creating healthy eating habits in children is very important, and the sooner your start, the easier will be for the children to adopt these habits. There is another this though, that you should keep in mind when teaching your kids new habits that are to provide them with an opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle – you have to practice what you preach. If you skip meals, and eat standing beside the table, don’t expect your kid to sit at the dinning table and having all three meals. Until you are ‘equal’ with your kid and you are eating the same foods, you will not be able to get through to it, and it will probably fail to create healthy habits.

What Your Kids’ Diet Should Consist of?

In simplest words, a recommended diet for active and healthy kids should consist of many diverse foods. They should have an abundance of the most different fruits and vegetables, as well as you should not leave proteins, grains and dairy products out of their nutrition. There should always be a rainbow of colors on your kids’ plates food-wise, and this is what you should provide them with.

Your Kids’ Favorite Colors – Orange, Red and Green

A well-balanced diet should contain a lot of fruit, especially pomegranates. These are not only very delicious, but they are also rich in anti-oxidants. What this fruit does is it lowers blood pressure, and one of the greatest things in this regard is that your kid will surely like pomegranates, so you won’t have to negotiate with it about eating this fruit more often. When it comes to green, cabbage is rich in fiber, thus excellent for good digestion. Aside from this, green leafy vegetables are very beneficial for kids’ health, owing to the fact that they are an excellent source of calcium. As far as orange goes, pumpkins are said to contain a lot of magnesium.

Dairy Products Are Important Part of Your Kids’ Diet

If you want your kid to develop the way it should, you should include dairy products into its diet. However, they should drink milk that is low in fat, and if they have problems with digestion after consuming milk, try with yogurt. Namely, yogurt and low-fat cheese are much easier to digest than milk, and they are a valuable source of nutrients provided by dairy products, so you should keep them part of your kid’s diet.

In the Junk with the Junk Food

Fries, sodas, cheeseburgers, and all the other fast foods and unhealthy snacks should be cut out of your kid’s diet. No matter how healthy vegetables and fruits are, your child will never get to enjoy all the benefits these bring, if unhealthy foods remain part of its eating regime.

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