Three Easy Ways to Update Your Natural Makeup Routine This Fall

Some women are always seeking the hottest makeup trends and refreshing their looks on a consistent basis, but others have a harder time branching out from what has become routine and familiar. Just like a new hair cut, implementing a new makeup color or technique can help you feel refreshed and beautiful. Make up isn’t the only way to refresh your style – it can be as easy as getting virgin Indian hair extensions, whitening your teeth, or trying out a new style of jeans. For those of us who want to focus on face care and makeup, here are a few hints.

To perfect any makeup look, start with a good skin-care regimen for a smooth, healthy canvas. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do have good skin. Invest in products that work for your skin type and aren’t harsh or full of harmful chemicals. Every once-in-a-while, give yourself a facial mask to remove toxins from your skin and refresh your face. Don’t do it too frequently – drying out your skin can sometimes promote break-outs.

To dramatically update your makeup routine, learn a new technique for enhancing your eyes. Keep in mind that there is appropriate makeup for daytime and appropriate make-up for nighttime. If you wear too much makeup in the daytime, you can appear overdone or garish; conversely, too little makeup in the evening can make you appear washed out or tired. Pinterest and other internet sites have many step-by-step tutorials to help you learn to do classic eye techniques, like the smoky eye or the cat eye. Take some time to figure out what shape your eyes are and which eye shadow shades will enhance them most. Be sure to give yourself enough time to practice new makeup techniques before special occasions.

Blush can also be an excellent way to update your look this fall. As a rule of thumb, bronzers should be used in the spring and summer, where they look natural under the sun, and blushes should be used more in the fall and winter, when rosy cheeks are natural in cold weather. If you’ve never tried a cream blush or a cheek stain, give it a try and see if these composites might work better for you. They may simplify your routine or work better with your skin type.

As with all makeup choices, don’t be afraid to consult professionals at local beauty stores for help selecting colors, and have fun with makeup this fall!

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