Green Grandparents: Leading the way in Sustainable Living

As the population continues to expand and the natural environmental resources become depleted, baby boomers are realizing the importance of the need to maintain a “green” lifestyle. Seniors are embracing this practice in a number of ways that include using eco-friendly materials around the home, purchasing energy-efficient appliances and even choosing a green retirement community or assisted living center for their next home.

Simple Environmental Tips

There are a number of easy tips seniors can incorporate into their everyday lives. Switching your light bulbs from incandescent to fluorescent bulbs will help and can save you money on your energy bills. Other cost-saving measures include replacing your older appliances with energy-efficient items.

When it comes to cleaning and gardening, you want to select products that are kind to the earth. Most of these items are powerful enough to eliminate germs, remove odors and get rid of weeds without adding toxins to the air we breathe.

Reduce Waste by Recycling

Probably the easiest way to be of help to the environment is through a recycling program. You can reduce the amount of garbage entering the landfills by recycling glass, plastic, paper and aluminum. Also, batteries can be harmful to the planet by leaking corrosive acids into the ground and water system. Recycling your batteries is simple to do and it’s much better for the earth.

Creating Green Communities

Seniors who are fueling the demand for green retirement communities are having a positive impact on the planet while enjoying numerous health and environmental benefits. As our world moves toward living a “green” lifestyle, eco-friendly adult communities are becoming a popular draw for many. These new communities may either be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, or they may follow various aspects of living eco-friendly.

Many of the retirement communities today are using earth-friendly materials. Some of the bigger features included are solar panels and dual pane, low-emittance windows. These options are particularly popular in areas that see high amounts of sunshine, and they will help you save money on your energy bills. Other items include energy-efficient air conditioning and heating units, climate control systems to regulate cooling and heating units and satellite set sprinkling systems.

Selecting an Environmentally-Friendly Home

Seniors all around the United States are realizing the many benefits of making the move to an environmentally-friendly retirement community. Remember that in addition to your “green” living needs, you must find a community that will accommodate your personal and medical preferences also. A real estate agent or Internet search can help you find locations that best suit your needs. Do your research, visit the community and ask questions to determine if the center is right for you.

Baby boomers are the biggest trend setters, and they have their sights set on saving the environment. Through purchasing energy-friendly products for their homes, using electric cars and recycling, this is one generation that knows how to go “green.”

About the Author

Author Shelby Warden researches the latest lifestyle trends for seniors and contributes this article for the green retirement and assisted living center programs of Pathway Senior Living, an award-winning provider of adult living communities. Pathway is once again paving the way as a champion of the environmental movement in seniors’ housing with their sustainable living philosophy and eco-friendly techniques.