Eco-Friendly Touches in Your Living Space

If your home could stand to be greener that’s probably because it can. Whether this means utilizing biodegradable objects or displaying recycled pieces, it’s actually quite simple to make your home more eco-friendly. If you can’t afford to completely redo your home with eco-friendly pieces that’s understandable, but there are small ways to implement changes. Find unique pieces for your space such as a bamboo Dell computer or aluminum foil laptops. Intrigued now? Read on to discover more green pieces, making it easy to implement an eco-friendly touch within your house.

Start with your kitchen and add to it with eco-friendly side boards made of recycled materials that will add to a chic space. Sideboards are traditional, stylish, and have a warm touch that makes any interior look unique. They especially work well for kitchens because they add a modern touch while creating an illusion of space. Add a green touch to your kitchen with a sideboard that’s trendy and eco-chic.

If subtle is what you’re going for then you may want to consider investing in an eco-friendly laptop. CEO Michael Dell introduced a Dell eco PC with a bamboo casing that supposedly is eighty percent smaller than a standard desktop and in addition, it uses seventy perfect less power. If you’ve been feeling guilty about how much power you use while working everyday on your standard computer you may want to consider this bamboo Dell computer instead.

Allow your kids to participate in your eco-renovation and implement an eco-friendly bed in their bedroom that they’ll think is super cool. In fact, did you know that they make swanky beds out of authentic airplane parts? Your kids can be their own pilot while enjoying their recycled airplane bed. They’ll think it’s awesome that the lounging space is pristine too because many of the beds are made fairly large. Let them enjoy a headboard that’s made from the inner flap from a C-130 military cargo jet and perhaps side rails that are DC-9 rear stabilizers. Super cool!

So as you can see there are many ways you can transform a space with recycled pieces and recycled beds. Your home may not be completely eco-friendly over night, but you can slowly and surely invest in pieces that will add to an attractive space and create an eco-friendly environment in every one of your interiors.

About the Author

Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at Ocean Dreams. She loves eco-friendly décor pieces and hopes to implement them into her own home someday.

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