Holidays are stressful enough without the added stress of feeling not so great from eating lots of ‘bad for you’ food. So as we begin to cook the sweets n treats for our loved ones, here are three healthy cooking tips and recipes to lighten up one of today’s holiday favorites – pecan pie!

1) The Power of Oatmeal

Instead of using flour, get some healthy whole grains into your holiday pie by using oatmeal instead! The soluble fiber in oatmeal has been shown to decrease LDL cholesterol or “bad cholesterol” by 10-15%, particularly when consumed as part of a low fat diet. Fiber also decreases risk of high blood pressure and significantly reduces risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease.

2) Pecans

Antioxidant rich and full of heart-healthy unsaturated fat, pecans are receiving accolades from the American Heart Association for producing a simple way reduce the risk of heart disease this holiday season. Pecans provide that long-lasting energy because they contain heart-healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats. Plus, a handful of pecan halves contain the same amount of fiber as a medium-sized apple.

3) Use Non-Stick Cookware

So much unnecessary butter and oil goes into ensuring that our bakery masterpieces come out in one piece! By using cookware designed to keep things from sticking to the pan, you can use less oil or switch to a low-calorie vegetable spray instead. Then you can pat yourself on the back for saving yourself an average of 100 calories!

Check out this delightfully healthy Oatmeal Pecan Pie recipe!