Reasonably Priced Eco-Friendly Accessories That Give to a Cause

Of course it’s important to cut back on spending when you’re on a budget, but did you know that many sites offer eco-friendly and cause worthy products? Usually these products are affordable and you can justify your spending by knowing the clothing and accessories are going to a good cause. Eco-friendly products are a great way to help preserve our earth, give to a cause, and stock up on trendy pieces that are both unique and attractive. Here are some sites that you won’t regret checking out because purchasing your favorites accessories will help save the environment.

TOMS One-for-one Movement – TOMS is an outstanding company that sells shoes for all ages and the proceeds go to children who need shoes! This one-for-one movement is also cruelty free and they use materials from the earth whenever possible. Purchase a new pair of sparkly or plain shoes for friends and family members for Christmas or buy a pair for yourself! Plus there are TOMS promo codes that will help you save while you shop.

Etsy Eco-Friendly Clothing Apparel – Etsy is a great site for about absolutely everything these days, including eco-friendly apparel that’s made from materials from the earth. Many of these shops also give to great causes as well, from animal shelters to a non profit organization that holds a special place in the seller’s heart. Find clothing that’s made from organic cotton, rayon fibers derived from sustainable raw materials, and recycled polyester.

Love Infinitely Project – There is another great site that offers a variety of affordable products, from clothing to jewelry and it is called Love Infinitely. Find a yogi necklace that reminds you how much you love your yoga classes or wear a soft cotton tank that will go perfectly with your comfy workout pants. The money made from this shop funds The Love Infinitely Project which in turn helps fund volunteerism all around the world.

Don’t stop your eco-friendly hunt by shopping just for clothing, shoes, and other accessories. There are other great brands to explore that offer eco-friendly apparel that also give to a great cause! Find a vegan wallet, an organic purse for your little girl, or an upcycled top and feel great about your purchases!

About the Author

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She loves discovering new eco-friendly sites that also give to a good cause!