5 Natural Supplements that Help Heal Your Body

If you’re already dealing with a cold or flu virus that you might have caught from the kids or elsewhere, it’s time to take charge and keep away the germs. Of course there’s always your family physician you can visit so that you can enjoy the holidays, but who wants to wait at a clinic or schedule an appointment? Instead you could try taking natural supplements that will naturally heal your body. Besides dealing with the common cold, you may also be struggling with a muscle injury, inflammation from a sprain, or other sports related injuries. Look to this guide so that you have a good idea about how each supplement will help heal and protect your body from injuries and illnesses, the natural way.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin – Both of these natural multivitamin ranges help with repairing your joints and also reduce the inflammation. Connective tissue healing takes time, but both of these supplements will expedite the process.

Vitamin C – You’re probably very familiar with this vitamin, but if you need a reminder vitamin C helps with your immune system. No, it doesn’t completely cure a flue or cold, but it does help your body fight off a virus more successfully. As opposed to taking Airborne, opt for the direct version of vitamin C by drinking more orange juice or taking a vitamin C daily supplement.

Vitamin B3 – If you like to eat fish a lot you already have some of this vitamin in your system, but probably not nearly enough. Restore your muscles after difficult workouts with this supplement. Since there is only about 15mg of vitamin B3 in a fillet of fish, you need much more of this vitamin. Use this supplement as a convenient way to provide your body with more protein and more power for a speedy recovery.

Cetyl Myristoleate – Have you heard of this supplement before? If not, it is used to help with arthritis. 12-15 grams over a series of 30 days will help with arthritic symptoms and should also help with the pain that you experience due to inflamed joints. It also works well for sprains and strains since arthritis is very similar, except arthritis is more on-going than a temporary sprain.

Vitamin E – This powerful antioxidant is another great supplement that will help the cells in your body fend off harmful viruses that threaten your system. If you happen to like sunflower seeds you’re in luck because vitamin E is found in this type of seed. Take this supplement and eat your sunflower seeds and you’ll be thrilled at how your body naturally heals itself.

Of course natural supplements are not a cure all, so if you have any questions or doubts it is important to consult a physician or someone you trust. However, supplements are important to take and will improve your health and diet. Of course obtaining these supplements in the foods that you eat on a daily basis is also important. Rest up and feel better this holiday season by taking supplements and taking care of both you and your family!

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Sierra is a freelance writer who enjoys learning about supplements because they help her improve her health!

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