How to Keep Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, first comes the Halloween candy, the Thanksgiving pies and then the Christmas cookies to sideline you from your healthy ways. Don’t fall off the wagon during the holidays by following some of these helpful tips:

Don’t be too tough on yourself: When you tell your child not to push the red button, what do they do? They push the red button. The same forbiddance applies to adults as well. You forbid yourself your favorite cheesy potatoes you will be more tempted to gobble them up. Allow yourself your favorite little treats, just keep it small.

Avoid unhealthy snacking: One can easily put on a few pounds during the holidays with all the snacks that are everywhere. Holiday, company and kid parties all serve tasty little snacks that are full of sugar and calories. Skip the unhealthy snacking and wait for the meal. Be aware of how much you snack and try to limit it, remember to only eat when you are hungry!

Host it or make it: If you are worried about eating things that are not on your healthy eating plan, then offer to make the meal or at least bring something healthier. Make a dish that you would happy to load up on if that is the only dish you can really afford calorie wise.

Stick to 6 small meals a day: Stick to your typical healthy eating plan and eat your six small meals a day. This will help you refuse that urge to snack in-between or devour the chocolate cake. Keeping full with nutrients and protein will prevent unnecessary eating.

Keep busy and get active: Holidays are all about being with family and enjoying each other’s company. There are so many different fun activities to partake in throughout the holiday season. Keep busy with these activities and focus on being with each other and not so much making unhealthy choices. Go ice skating, pick pumpkins, play football in the back yard, get active and stay busy!

Don’t look at the holiday season as a health hurdle but instead run at it with knowledge and preparedness by reviewing these helpful tips. Stay physically active and keep busy. Prepare your own healthy meals to bring to parties and avoid the snack tables. And of course allow yourself to enjoy a sweet treat here and there!

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