Tis’ the season for turkey, cranberries, and more – so why not wrap them up with organic greens and enjoy as a light, healthy lunch?!

Oven Roasted Turkey Wrap


4 pieces sliced turkey
2 slices brie cheese
4 Tbsp. cranberry chutney or sauce
Mixed organic field greens
Any type of wrap bread


Place wrap flat on counter and add mixed greens to center of wrap. Take pieces of leftover turkey slices and place on top of greens. Place the sliced brie over the turkey and pour chutney/cranberry sauce on top of that.

To roll your wrap, start from edge closest to you, and wrap over the ingredients. Take the opposite edge and place over roll. Fold and tuck edges inside of wrap. Cut in middle and serve on a platter.

*Recipe courtesy of Coffee-mate and Kristine Quattrone of Q Events.*