Introducing healthy organic fruit or vegetable purees and more complex foods to babies and toddlers just became a breeze with Sprout Baby Foods! “Mom” loves that each simple puree or food combination is available in a convenient eco-friendly pouch for families on-the-go. Toddlers love how independent they can be when eating successfully from the pouch, and parents love that their busy little one is eating a nutritious meal or snack. We are big fans of “squeeze packs” as “Mom’s” daughter calls them around here. Each wholesome pouch can be tucked away into a diaper bag or purse for a healthy, organic snack while out and about with your children.

Not just fruit or vegetable purees, Sprout Foods offers chef-created dishes to their line, including single ingredient purees in Stage 1 (the youngest age group), combination purees in Stage 2, more complex recipes that feature multiple flavors and textures in Stage 3, plus more meals for toddlers. They are also adding to its line of snacks new Superfruit flavors – acai, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry – to complement the meals.

Pouches are available in the following:

•Veggie-only blends
•Veggie & grain blends
•Fruit blends
•Fruit & veggie blends
•Fruit & grain blends

Mom” loves the flavors that are antioxidant-rich, including Acai Berry Superfruit, Peach, Berry, Oatmea & Quinoa, and Apple & Blueberry!

Plus, little ones can enjoy holiday-inspired flavors, as well, including Peach Pumpkin Pie, Holiday Vegetable Dinner, Peach Pumpkin Pie with Graham and Holiday Vegetables with Roasted Turkey!

For a complete listing of the extensive organic pouches available, visit The foods can be found online, as well as grocery stores nationwide.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*