Safety Tips for the New Year – Protecting Children at Home

Keeping children safe is a primary responsibility of every parent. While many people worry about how to keep their children safe while they are at school or participating in sports activities, it is far more likely for a child to become injured or abducted while at their own home. Fortunately, keeping children safe at home is easily accomplished by focusing on the following improvements that you can make to your home to ensure your child’s safety.

Childproof Your Home

Electrical outlets, firearms and household chemicals all represent a danger to children’s health. Therefore, parents should be sure to thoroughly childproof their home to eliminate hazards. To get started, you should begin working in one room at a time to identify potential hazards. Then, install locks, latches and gates that can deter your child from accessing these areas or materials. As a child matures, it is also important to reassess the safety of a home to keep up with new skills and developments.

Practice Emergency Procedures

Every family should practice how to handle an emergency with their children. Practice fire drills are one type of emergency procedure that most families practice. However, you should also be sure to practice how to handle other situations such as a knock on the door when a child is home alone. Teach your child how to dial 911, and make sure they know how to reach you if they are alone when an emergency arises. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can give a child confidence in their capabilities while helping you to know they will be safe in any situation.

Install a Home Security System

One of the most effective ways to keep your children safe is to install a home security system that will enable you to automate your home. This way, you can be sure that your children are safe at night or when you are away. A home security system can ensure that your doors and windows are locked. Additionally, a motion-sensor camera can keep watch for potential intruders. In case of an emergency situation, an automated system can automatically contact emergency authorities. You can get more applicable information from a local branch of Vivint, such as Houston TX Vivint home security and automation

Being a parent means always having to worry about your child’s safety. However, many of these worries can be alleviated through the implementation of common safety procedures. By childproofing your home, practicing how to handle an emergency situation and installing a home security system, you can be sure that your children will always be safe in the comfort of their own home.

Embracing Your Wrinkles: How to Age Gracefully

It’s no secret that our society is focused on the “youth fountain.” We see the firm faces and toned bodies of young men and women plastered on billboards, flashing at us from TV screens, and looking up at us from magazine covers. We are bombarded with images of youthful skin, tight abs, and tanned beach-ready bodies… yet this is not an accurate representation of the human population. Most of us are a few years older than the prime 25 or 30, with wrinkly faces and sagging bodies that provide evidence of a life fully lived. Because they don’t look like the magazines, many people turn to cosmetic surgeries and injections to wildly chase aging away. Some people aren’t that drastic – they just invest countless dollars in anti-aging creams and products that don’t necessarily make a difference.

Here’s the simple truth that we seem to have forgotten: aging is inevitable. With scientific advances in the health sphere, we live longer lives with less disease than we did even just 100 years ago. Living longer means we will age longer too! Since aging is inevitable, there is no reason to try and prevent it. The creams, the surgeries, the injections… they are all meaningless when we know that in the end, we all are wrinkly and saggy creatures whose bodies aren’t in the tip-top condition they once were. There are easier ways to retain a youthful look while also embracing your unique stage of life.

Change Your Attitude

Why do we look at the signs of aging as a bad thing? The human body is a masterpiece, and the wrinkles, sags, and scars that you’ve gathered are just reminders of the great times you’ve had. This is especially true of face wrinkles- they’re called laugh lines for a reason! You have experienced love, sorrow, excitement, stress, happiness and everything in between through your body. The marks of aging don’t show someone who isn’t beautiful, they show someone who is living a beautiful life! If you change your attitude, you can show people the beauty that comes from high self-esteem and optimistic confidence. It’s all about your perception!

Stay Active

Sometimes it isn’t about looking old as much as feeling old. Staying active can help you overcome that! Although it’s definitely beneficial to keep exercising, staying active also means being engaged in your community and being engaged mentally. Those who are actively participating in community events, clubs, or family get-togethers tend to wear their age gracefully. Keeping your body and mind intact is easier when you are surrounded by people who love you and by activities that keep you engaged. Just because you’re past your “prime” doesn’t mean you can’t continue to further your knowledge every day. The French playwright and novelist Françoise Sagan once wrote that “There is a certain age when a woman must be beautiful to be loved, and then there comes a time when she must be loved to be beautiful.” Staying active, surrounded by people who love you, will change the way you feel about aging.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Changing your attitude, becoming a viable part of your community, exercising, expanding your knowledge… these things take time! As you get older, your body and mind are not going to be the same as they were when you were 30. There will be side effects that are beyond your control. There will be days when you feel like you’re nearly 100 and you’ve experienced all that you want to, and there will be times when you don’t feel a day over 40. It’s normal! Often we are our worst critics… sometimes it’s more important to take a step back and relax. Aging gracefully is a way of life. It’s can’t be bottled, it can’t be bought, and no amount of surgical procedures will make it happen for you. It comes from your outlook on the life you’ve lived and the things you’ve yet to experience. So cheer up and embrace those wrinkles that you’ve worked so hard to get!

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Creative Products to Help Organize your Food Storage

Buying groceries in bulk is a wonderful thing. Not only does bulk-shopping save money, but having commonly used food items stashed away is very convenient if you have a busy week and can’t get to the grocery store. If you have an irregular income, filling the pantry during the profitable months can help with the budget in the lean times.

However, one common problem with packing your pantry full of non-perishables is the storage issue. In the days of manor homes, houses had room-sized pantries where an entire year’s food could be stored. Nowadays though, most homeowners count themselves fortunate if they have a large closet or cabinet where they can stash food. Additionally, wise household managers must figure out how to rotate food to avoid having a pantry full of out-of-date items.

You don’t have to buy hundreds of dollars of organizers from commercial companies, nor do you have to have a professional install a totally new shelving unit in your pantry. Anyone can organize a pantry with inexpensive bins, totes and organizers available at discount stores. Items like dishpans, baskets and large canning jars can keep your pantry in order just as well as expensive organizational products.

Pasta, Baking Products, Rice and Dried Beans

Large quart and half-gallon mason jars are perfect for storing flour, sugar, pasta, dried rice and beans. They are airtight and insect proof, and they will look very nice on the shelves of your pantry. These jars can be ordered online and are also available in many hardware stores. Be sure that you label your jars to avoid mixing up your flour and cornstarch and to remind you of expiration dates. If you can’t find or afford glass jars, airtight plastic canisters work great too.

Canned Goods

A can organizer is a valuable tool to help you organize your canned goods. These racks allow you to fill your shelves in the pantry with new cans, but they also roll the oldest cans to the front of the shelf so that you can use them first. Buy several can organizers, and store a different variety of canned good on each one.

Snacks and Chips

Buy several large dishpans in which you can store bagged items like potato chips and individual-sized snacks. This will help you avoid the common problem of half-eaten bags of snacks being pushed to the very back of the pantry and being forgotten. Dishpans can also be used to corral smaller items like taco seasoning and spices.

Massive Quantities of Items

Say there was a sale on cereal, so you stocked up. Of course, there is no reason to have a dozen boxes of cereal on display in the pantry, especially if that means that the kids will open four or five boxes at one time and let them go stale. To store the extra items, you may want to buy a few large snap-top totes. You can store these in the bottom of the pantry under the lowest shelf and restock your shelves with these stored foodstuffs as you use shelved items.

Having an organized, efficient pantry is not an impossible or expensive undertaking. Use commonly found containers to organize your pantry on the cheap.

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