Get Your Kids Excited About Brushing Their Teeth

It’s seems like, as a rule, kids loathe heading to the bathroom each morning and night to brush their teeth. But we know brushing is a key ingredient in keeping kids’ teeth and gums healthy, now and into adulthood. Here are some great ideas to make brushing fun, get them excited and introduce lifelong healthy habits starting this month, which is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

Make it a Game

Kids love games and many parents have capitalized on this. Most have tried some version during dinner. Whether it’s a spoonful of peas disguised as an airplane or a “dump truck” of spinach driving into their little one’s mouth, imagination goes a long way at the table. Why not apply the same principle to a tooth brush?

Or, try a game like Simon Says. Most children are certainly familiar and more than willing to follow the likes of Mommy and Daddy or older siblings. Make it a point to brush your teeth at the same time and have them copy your movements. Kids will learn proper brushing techniques, get the job done and you can have a bit of extra time to bond every morning and night.

Pick the Best Tools

Ever ahead of the pack, advertisers and manufacturers know that kids are not always so willing to head to the sink twice each day. You can now find tons of colorful and creative options in the toothbrush section. From a beloved cartoon character adorning the brush to pint-sized tubes of kiddie colored toothpastes, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Give your little guy or gal some control in the task. Letting them pick out their preferred brush gives them some say in the matter and allows them to feel in control of the chore. A little color and their favorite animated hero certainly goes a long way.

Set Goals

Maybe you already have a chart for good behavior at home. Try adding brushing to the mix. Or, make a specific chart just for the task. Award stars or other stickers each time your kiddo brushes up. Think about letting a week of good work add up to additional rewards, such as an extra story at bedtime.

Include Your Dentist

Many dentists now use Viive to let them keep in touch with patients. Some now use dental postcard marketing reminding you of appointments or simply checking in about brushing and flossing habits. Check with your dentist to see if they might provide some incentive your future flosser.