Fresh-Fruit-BonanzaTop 5 Ways for You and Your Family to Reduce Food Waste at Home

The next time that you put some leftover food into your garbage can, here’s something to think about: Did you know that decaying food, overtime, will turn into what is known as methane gas? Not only is that gas considered to be potentially more harmful to our health than carbon monoxide, but it also significantly contributes to the global warming that is transpiring on our planet. That is definitely enough of a reason to want to seek out ways that you and your family can reduce food waste at home.

If you’d like a few tips on how to do just that, we have provided some really simple things that everyone can help to do below:

Plan out your grocery list ahead of time. Many nutritionists will tell you that it’s not the best idea to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry or without a shopping list. That’s because without one, you will oftentimes purchase things that you don’t really need; that could lead to foods sitting in your refrigerator or pantry well past their expiration date. Therefore, make sure that you write down what you want to get before you go and stick to the list as you shop.

Be smart about your leftovers. Even if you do honor your grocery list, there will be times when you won’t eat all of the meals that you have prepared in one sitting. When that is the case, try to avoiding throwing the food out. Instead, use them as leftovers or “upcycle” them into other meals. For instance, you can turn your leftover baked chicken and broccoli into a pasta dish or some soup or some leftover meatloaf can be turned into some sandwiches.

Don’t discard your fruit. Fresh produce tends to have the shortest shelf life of all of the kinds of foods that you can buy. However, when you notice that your fruit is turning a little brown or that it’s become too ripe, that’s the ideal time to use it for baked bread, muffins or even smoothies.

Remember that you can freeze food. Say that you come up on a really good deal on some meats but you know it will take a while to prepare them? All you have to do is wrap them up and place them into the freezer. Putting meat into the refrigerator will not keep it cold enough and that could cause it to spoil before you’re ready to use it. But, the above freezing temperatures in your freezer will can keep meats in good condition for months at a time.

Set up a compost. If you go to a website like Quoto, you might read the one that talks about turning lemons into lemonade. This is one way to look at how to turn the food that is no longer edible into something that can still be useful. If you have some flowers in your front yard or a garden out back, you can turn your food waste into compost and that can serve as fertilizer for your soil. For more information on how to make compost, visit Composting 101.