Spring Green-ingSpring “Green-ing” – Four Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Spruce up Your Home

Cultivating a clean and healthy environment can often seem to be at odds with keeping a home green and eco-friendly as well. Many people struggle to find cleaners that are effective which do not contain harmful chemicals or are housed in non-biodegradable packing. The tension can finally be eased by opening your eyes to the cleaning power of these green cleaning machines.

Powering the Rinse Cycle

Laundry typically presents the toughest cleaning challenges. From grass stains to stubborn red wine, we often feel the desire to pull out the bleach and other unnaturally abrasive products. Resist the urge by switching over to Arm & Hammer Essentials Concentrate. This product is even effective in laundry cycles using only cold water. The price is friendly as well. For only $3.49, customers receive 50 ounces of cleaning power. Controlled testing has proven its effectiveness on everything from inks to grape juices.

Dishwasher-Friendly Suds

Planet Ultra Dish Washing Liquid is a top green contender in the world of dish washing liquids. Testing of this product reveals consistent cleaning power of dried-on food particles in addition to displaying the ability to wash the largest numbers of dishes effectively in one cycle. Planet Ultra can be a part of your kitchen arsenal for roughly $3 per 25 ounces. The compound is completely biodegradable, making it ideal for any situation where green cleaning is a necessity. Camping or mixing the soap with freshwater sources will do no harm. Like many high-quality green products, diluted mixtures of this compound is actually effective for other jobs around the house which include carpet cleaning and glass surfaces. The best carpet cleaning in Orange County is well aware of the green market cleaning supplies, making such products integral to their natural processes.

Green Versatility

The world of all-purpose cleaners is vast. Some of the claims are extraordinary, including products that claim they double as everything from facial scrubs to pet shampoos. Sun and Earth all-purpose cleaner has been shown to cut through grease like few other green products. This kind of power from natural ingredients is what to look for in an all-purpose product. For $3.80, buyers get a cleaner that can hold its own in the bathroom or on kitchen counter-tops.

Breaking Out the Big Guns

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner passes the test on the toughest stains imaginable. This product cuts its way through grime cooked onto grills and dissolves the oily stains from the porous surface of concrete floors. It is extremely concentrated, however, meaning that customers must dilute the product by mixing it with water before application.

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    I really appreciated the recommendation on the laundry detergent. I have tried to make the switch to a greener laundry solution but nothing ever worked effectively. I can’t wait to give this a try!

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