Mother’s Day Tips for Toddler Moms

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to provide appreciation and relaxation for the hardworking mothers in our lives. No one deserves this appreciation more than the mothers of infants and toddlers. These hard working ladies rarely get rest and peace of mind in their day-to-day lives. Healthy portable food is a great option to make life easier for toddler moms. Today, companies like Sprout Organic Foods, are helping moms feed their children on-the-go while also providing organic, nutritious meals and snacks. There are additional small ways to make raising young children a little less stressful.

This Mother’s Day, consider incorporating these tips to make life just a little bit easier:

1. Color-coordinate. For mothers of multiple children, dress them all in one color. Something bright will help keep track of them in crowded places.

2. Multi-task. Make a long car ride snack-time as well. For the toddler or child that gets antsy on long trips, bring along healthy snacks and packaged food to keep them occupied as well as energized for the trip.

3. Carpool. When picking out daycares and schools for your children, consider carpools with other moms as well. Children are often better behaved around their friends and there’s less stress to drive only every few days. Plus fewer cars on the road is better for the environment.

4. Set a Playdate. Make plans with your mommy friends so that you can relax and enjoy adult time while the kids play together as well.

5. Prepack. The diaper bag, the lunch bags, extra clothes, etc. Rather than making a stressful run home, keep items in your car or at work that your children may need. Keep snacks on hand as well, like Sprout’s Toddler Meals and Snacks, granola bars and string cheese. It’s easier to just prepare for anything than be stuck in a bad situation.

Article & image courtesy of Sprout Foods

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