Woman-MirrorNatural Methods for Getting Rid of Unwanted Face and Body Hair

Having facial hair is a personal choice – for men. But women who have excessive fuzz or even the beginnings of a beard or moustache thanks to dark, wiry bristles are not as favorably looked upon as men who sport the same. Because facial hair is a product of androgens (male hormones, although they are present in both sexes in varying levels), it is closely associated with manliness. So women who exhibit this trait are considered to be less than feminine. In other words, this unsightly imbalance can lead to social stigma. Even though it is not uncommon for women to start seeing increased hair growth as they age and their hormone levels fluctuate, the situation isn’t one that the majority of women are content to live with. For this reason, many seek out methods of facial hair removal. But if you’re not keen to take hormone pills to correct your imbalance, and unnatural methods of hair removal, such as chemical-laden depilatory creams, don’t appeal to you, then you might be on the lookout for options that are less harmful to you and the environment. Here are a few you might want to consider.

Unfortunately, the easiest method is also the one you probably want to avoid. Shaving is a common way for many women to attack the hair on their legs, arms, and bikini line, but it’s not such a great idea when it comes to your face. As you may have noticed from shaving other areas of your body, your hair appears to grow back thicker and darker when you shave. In fact, this has more to do with the fact that stubble stands out rather than lying flat, but it hardly matters. You don’t want to draw even more attention to your hair problem, so shaving is out. Plus, disposable razors aren’t exactly eco-friendly.

You could always use the method that many women prefer for daily upkeep of their eyebrows, which is to say plucking. But while taking the tweezers to a handful of chin hairs is no big deal, a face covered in peach fuzz is another matter entirely. Plucking is a great way to remove hair since it pulls it out at the root, meaning it will take a lot longer to regrow than, say, shaving. But it is also a time consuming process that you can’t possibly continue to carry out successfully without sacrificing a good portion of your day. For this reason, your best option for removing unwanted facial hair may be to try a natural wax product, like those made with honey.

Nad’s was the first product on the market to offer this solution for women seeking a wax that not only required no heating (since this could lead to burns), but also included natural products rather than potentially toxic chemical components. Since then, several companies have started to offer similar products. But you could also make your own natural wax using recipes online. Of course, you can always head to a website like Epilator Central to look at electronics that will pull your hair out at the roots, or you might look into more permanent solutions like laser hair removal treatments. But if you want to find a method that helps you do less harm to the planet in the process of keeping your face fuzz-free, then you might choose to forego manufactured products and make your own natural means of hair removal at home.