Dad & DaughterAny Dude Can Father a Child but it Takes a Real Man to be a Dad  

Yesterday may have presented a dad disengaged from parenting or bumbling at best, but noted parent educator, Annie Fox, says today’s New Dad is happily engaged in the process and essential in the emotional development of his children.
“The number one objective is to raise a young adult who’s got a strong sense of self and cares about the needs of others. That’s the end game,” says Annie Fox, M.Ed. “Today’s New Dad provides counterpoint to the helicopter and Velcro parenting we’ve seen in recent years.”
With an international following, and blending wit and wisdom into speaking engagements, Facebook posts, tweets, books and her blog, Ms. Fox offers a few parenting tips this year for Dads:

Model respect and empathy starting with mom – married or divorced – when parents show mutual respect children learn to treat other people with kindness. 

Get silly and play – unstructured fun when kids take the lead and it’s ok to get messy, empowers children and fosters positive family connections.

Show your squishy side – Macho men need not apply, showing vulnerability helps children, especially boys, understand that feelings are a cool part of being human.
A dad’s role begins at birth and research from University of Oxford found that infants whose fathers were strongly engaged with them at three months old had fewer behavioral problems at one year.
“More dads are stepping up with greater confidence in their unique and essential role in helping kids become young people of good character,” says Annie.
Her most recent book, Teaching Kids to be Good People, is the latest addition to a collection of apps and books available for both parents and children. To read her Father’s Day blog click here.

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