ID-100117639Mom” has discovered another blog that features delicious, healthy recipes and interesting content that Tiny Green Mom readers would enjoy! The blogger behind Mommy Hiker was kind enough to share this decadent and super simple cold soup that makes a tasty lunch on a hot day for the whole family – no cooking required!

Cold Cucumber & Yogurt Soup (Cacik)


6 Cups of Plain Yogurt (“Mom” prefers Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt)
2 Cloves of Garlic
4 Persian Cucumbers
1 Cup of Water


Into a large bowl, grate the peeled cucumbers and use a zester or microplane to add the garlic. Dump the yogurt and water in and blend until it is smooth. Mommy Hiker usually uses a fork because it easily breaks up all of the lumps, but doesn’t aerate the yogurt. Chill and serve! That’s it, literally!

In Mommy Hiker’s house, they usually prefer it on the thicker side, but feel free to add more water, in very small increments, to get it to the consistency that works for you. This dish is also delicious with finely chopped mint or dill, a drizzle of olive oil or served as a side dish with any yummy protein!

*Recipe courtesy of Mommy Hiker. Image courtesy of*