savory-crepes-capreseThis scrumptious recipe for Savory Crepes Caprese is courtesy of the Inn at Ellis River in Jackson, New Hampshire.

Savory Crepes Caprese


3 large eggs (“Mom” prefers cage-free eggs)
1 teaspoon milk or water (“Mom” prefers organic milk or just water)
1/8 teaspoon pepper
8-10 cherry tomatoes (variegated colors if possible)
3 tablespoons fresh mozzarella cheese, grated (“Mom” prefers organic)
3 large basil leaves


Whisk eggs with milk or water and pepper. Cut tomatoes into quarters and chiffonade the basil. Heat a 6-7 inch nonstick saute pan and warm one crepe in the pan. Remove crepe to a warm plate and then coat saute pan lightly with butter or olive oil. Toss in cherry tomatoes and saute for a minute until they start to soften. Add beaten eggs and scramble over gentle heat. When eggs are partially cooked, add cheese and 2/3of the basil and continue to scramble to desired firmness. Spoon eggs onto one third of the crepe, roll, and garnish with the remaining chiffonade of basil.

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