six new technologies to help you be more greenSix New Technologies to Help You be More Green

Green technology is a booming industry that caters to those who are economically and ecologically aware of their environmental impact. These six new technologies are here to help you invest in a greener future. Environmentally friendly products used to be hard to come by, but now they are at the forefront of the technological industry.

Electric Cars
Electric cars are a hot topic. They provide power and fuel with batteries that are now lighter and easier to haul. The old version of the electric car was difficult to transport, and they couldn’t get very far to begin with. The electric car today is full of new technology that will change your life from a gas-guzzling SUV to a smooth and sleek-electric car.

Rooftop Wind Power
Wind power used to be limited to large-scale farms and plantations. Today wind power is accessible by average households using rooftop systems. WindTronics is developing systems that are smaller than average, but they work on the rooftop to power your home easily and efficiently.

LED Lightbulbs
Fluorescent and compact-fluorescent lighbulbs have been around and in use for quite sometime. LED lights are starting to take over. They last for virtually forever, and they rarely die out or blow. They are a one-time purchase for most household-lighting needs, and they are efficient. LED lightbulbs are the newest technology in lighting to help your home be more green.

Recycling Technology
Recycling isn’t just about recycling what you have thrown away or would have thrown away. It’s now about how technology has changed the way we recycle. Better technology has made it more efficient and accessible for you to recycle.

Better Electronic Materials
Electronics are being produced with better materials. Recyclable aluminum, easy to dispose of components and safe to recycle components are major game players in the industry. This kind of technology is spreading to laptops, tablets and much more at a rapid pace.

Eco-Friendly Printers
More printers are being labeled with smart technology that allows them to be recognized for saving ink and energy. Look a company that offers ink at a reasonable price and is environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly printers are the way of the future.

Technology to help you be more green extends to your home, car, work place and environment in general. There are dozens of ways to enhance your life to be more environmentally friendly, but these six technologies are just a few of the ways to get started.

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