Mommy-Stroller5 Great Baby Registry Items for Eco-Conscious Parents-to-Be

Compiling a baby registry can be a difficult undertaking. There are so many things you’ll need to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for your newborn that it can get a little overwhelming trying to figure out how many onesies, bottles, blankets, and other items to add to your registry. And you don’t want to be greedy, but there’s so much stuff to buy that it could stretch your budget pretty thin. Plus, you need to consider that you’re probably not going to get everything on your wish list. So should you only put the items you really need help with? It can be a major conundrum for expectant parents that are already overwhelmed. And when you add eco-sensibilities to the mix it can get even more difficult. But here are just a few ideas of items you might want to include when you put together a baby registry of items that have less impact on the environment.

Organic clothing. Your baby will go through clothing fast, so you’ll want to put sizes on your registry that will cover him for the first year. This could include four different sizes, in case you didn’t know. But if you also want to cut your carbon footprint and protect your baby’s sensitive skin from possible allergies, rashes, and so on that could be caused by all of the chemical processing most garments undergo, then opt for organic outfits. As a bonus, they’ll survive a lot more washing than standard garments – considering how quickly they get messy, this is great news for new parents.

Organic linens. If you’re not going to clothe your newborn in chemically processed textiles, why would you make him sleep on them? Instead, cover baby’s bed with linen sheets and blankets that are sure to cause less harm.

Cloth diapers (and cleaning service). Disposable diapers, while convenient, are terrible for the environment, cluttering up landfills to the tune of about 18 billion diapers per year, including 82,000 tons of plastic and 1.3 million tons of wood pulp. As a concerned parent, you may be keen to cut back on this, uh, dumping. Cloth diapers are a viable solution that you’ll only have to buy once. Although a cleaning service will cost you, perhaps you can add a month or a year of service as an option on your registry. Another good solution is biodegradable diapers.

3-in-1 stroller. Although you might not find a lot of environmentally-conscious, 3-in-1 stroller options on the market, the product, in and of itself, requires less manufacturing than purchasing a separate stroller, carrier, and car seat, making it a little greener (and more convenient) from the get-go.

Minimal-impact furniture. Although furniture for your baby’s nursery can certainly be expensive, you should put a variety of items at a wide range of price-points on your registry for a couple of reasons. For one thing, someone might actually splurge on one of your big-ticket items, saving you some serious money. Or they may see that lower-priced items have already been purchased and give you a gift card towards whatever you didn’t get on your wish list. Enough gift cards could add up to furniture. And when it comes to your crib, changing table, and baby play yard, you might need a little help covering cost, especially if you plan to buy pieces that are practical, safe, and come with a guarantee of minimal impact to the environment through manufacturing and materials.