Ruby Rocket's BestFor kids and adults alike, a frozen popsicle on a hot & humid day is a necessity if you spend time outdoors! For parents of picky eaters, these snacks offer more than just a way to cool down – they also provide a great way to sneak in those veggies! Our favorite choice this summer is Ruby Rocket’s, which can be found nationwide. These naturally sweet pops are non-GMO, kosher, dairy free and vegan. Different from other frozen snacks, Ruby Rocket’s have the lowest naturally occurring sugar (4-6 grams) and are the only non-dairy pops with healthy probiotics. The pops are affordable at just $4.99 for a box of 6.

Making their debut this past month are 5 awesome flavors, which includes Celestial Cherry, Far-Out Fudge (think fudgesicle, only extremely healthy!), Planetary Pink Lemonade, Meteorite Mango, and Gravity Grape. These join the original flavors, Rockit-Red, Orbit Orange and Galaxy Green. What are the flavors of choice at our home? The original Orbit Orange and the new Gravity Grape!

Ruby Rocket 1

What’s not to love about these low-calorie pops that burst with goodness?! The newest flavors are made with the following ingredients:

· Celestial Cherry. Blend of organic cherry, apple, tomato, beet, pomegranate and the Chinese strawberry, yumberry.
· Far-Out Fudge. Blend of organic date, sweet potato, Dutch cocoa, banana, beet and acai.
· Planetary Pink Lemonade. Blend of organic butternut squash, strawberry, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, purple sweet potato, dried goji berry.
· Meteorite Mango. Blend of organic butternut squash, pineapple, passion fruit, sweet potato and mango.
· Gravity Grape. An all-natural blend of organic grape, white grape, purple sweet potato, sweet potato, blueberry and acai

Perfect for packing up for a beach picnic or as a birthday party snack, Ruby Rocket’s will hopefully become your family’s favorite pops too! You can locate a store near you online at

*Company generously provided samples for this review.*