With the rare lunar eclipse, comet and snow moon making an appearance last night, we were inspired to share one of our favorite ways to light up your little one’s room with the night sky! These new adorable plush characters from beloved brand, Skip Hop, feature a belly projection that shows stars and moons on the ceiling or transforms to a soft glow when belly is covered for bedtime.

Skip Hop Lamb 2

The Moonlight & Melodies Hug Me Projection Soother is battery-operated, and projects a starry nightscape onto any surface! It also transforms into a snuggly bedtime friend for your child! Simply flip up the pocket to cover the projector belly and enjoy a warm nightlight glow. “Mom’s” little guy is now able to press the button on the Lamb’s belly to shine stars onto the sheets or to listen to the four gentle melodies! The Moonlight & Melodies Hug Me Projection Soother features an auto-off timer, which is perfect for winding down at bedtime.

Skip Hop Bear 1

The Moonlight & Melodies Hug Me Projection Soother is portable and cord-free, and features an LED light that stays cool to the touch. The lights cycle through three colors, and it plays four gentle melodies, inlcuding Für Elise, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Brahms’ Lullaby, and Rock-a-bye Baby. The Projection Soother is available as a Lamb or Bear – both are just too sweet!

You can check out the Moonlight & Melodies Hug Me Projection Soother on SkipHop.com.

*All thoughts expressed herein are my own. Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*