Thinking ahead to the week before us, meal planning simple, healthy and quick recipes is always at the top of our minds before the busy pace of the school & work week! This three ingredient quesadilla using Better Bean is easy to whip up and serve with fresh guacamole and salsa! At least one dinner is planned!

Better Bean Quesadilla

Better Bean’s Quickie Quesadilla


Tortilla of your Choice (Whole Wheat, Flour or Gluten Free)
Better Bean
Cheese (“Mom” prefers organic)


1. Heat a pan without oil – non-stick and cast iron work best. Add tortilla to pan, heat on one side. Flip & add cheese to one half. Spoon on and spread beans. Add any other desired ingredients. Fold & heat on one side until brown. Flip to other side to thoroughly heat beans & cheese. Plate and add toppings.

Serve and enjoy! Then come back for seconds!

*Recipe and image courtesy of Better Bean.*