When you are on-the-go during the hottest part of the summer, finding a way to cool down and feel refreshed isn’t always easy! That is where COOL OFF™ comes to the rescue! This portable, pocket-sized cooling towelette helps you to recharge and beat the heat, naturally! Infused with a lovely, clean-scented combination of cooling herbs, plant botanicals, and essential oils, these innovative towelettes will help you cool down in a flash!

It’s easy to use COOL OFF™! Simply remove the towelette and shake lightly. Press it onto the back of the neck, inner arms and back of knees. Then blot the forehead and other desired areas, such as wrists and forearms – you will feel refreshed in no time!

These super-soft towelettes are perfect for use while hiking, jogging, working out (indoors or outside), playing sports – anywhere you tend to work up a sweat! COOL OFF™ also helps those experiencing the hot flashes associated with menopause – these discreet towelettes can be used to help you renew and recharge instantly. They are available in a box of 24 packets.

To learn more, or to order, please visit CVS.com. COOL OFF™ can also be purchased online on Amazon.com or at Duane Reade stores in New York.

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Another great find from Earth Friendly Products – Eco Breeze™, an all-natural fabric refreshener featuring the lovely combination of lavender and mint! For those who like to refresh and spritz new life into the fabric of pillows, blankets, carpets, clothing, bedding, and more, Eco Breeze makes an excellent choice for those choosing to use more planet-friendly products around the home. This all-natural formula clears away any odors and leaves the home smelling delightfully fresh! In addition to Lavender Mint, Eco Breeze™ is also available in Citrus and Lemongrass, for those who desire a different aromatherapeutic scent.

To learn more about Earth Friendly Products and their commitment to the environment, click here.

To purchase Eco Breeze™ Fabric Refreshener, please visit www.ecos.com.

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Earth Friendly Products 100% Organic Lavender Hand Soap is simply delightful! Let the soothing, relaxing scent of lavender fill the senses as you wash your hands. Aromatherapy at its’ finest – no need to light a candle or use essential oils! For busy moms, this scent is wonderfully calming in the midst of a challenging day.

Earth Friendly Products is committed to offering a full line that is free of bleach, petrochemicals, phosphates, carcinogens and other harmful ingredients.

Dedicated to creating affordable and organic products for the entire household, visit their for a full list of planet-friendly products, from dish soap and laundry detergent to bathroom cleaners and all-purpose cleaners online at www.ecos.com.

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Experience the benefits of the Amazon with creamy, decadent cleansers from Wembe! These luxe, cleansing soaps for face and body inspired by nature will invigorate both your body and mind with their aromatherapeutic effects. Simply natural, Wembe’s certified Vegan soaps are cruelty-free and offer something to suit every mood & need, from passion fruit or seaweed to coconut or chocolate to stimulate and awaken the senses.

Wembe’s cleansing bars are 100% organic and natural, and will remove the dead skin cells, oil, make-up, dirt & grime and reveal the underlying fresh skin on both the face and body. In addition to their full line, Wembe offers a variety pack that includes all of their simply divine cleansing bars. Why not experience them all?! To purchase, visit www.Wembe.com.

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Aromatherapy at its’ finest! Soy Delicious offers wonderfully-scented soy candles that double as a silky moisturizer for the body. Simply choose a fragrance and let the aroma take you away to a Caribbean beach or bring back memories of mom’s kitchen! Beautifuly packaged, each candle arrives with its’ own bamboo dipping spoon for scooping out the oil. Each scented candle will burn for approximately 80 hours with virtually no smoke or soot due to its’ pure ingredients. Choose from 13 amazing scents to suit your mood – from Dulce de Leche or Island Mango to Fresh Linen or Lemongrass.

No paraffin wax is used to make Soy-Delicious candles, just 100% pure soy. To use, light the candle as you enjoy an evening at home or relaxing in the bathtub. Once liquified, dip the bamboo spoon into the soy and massage over your body for a decadent moisturizing experience. Pure delicious-ness!

When you are finished with the candle, the glass can be recycled or washed out to be used as a pretty tumbler. To learn more about Soy-Delicious Candles and to purchase, visit Soy-Delicious.com.

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Sending your child off to summer camp this year? As you pack and prepare belongings, making sure to tuck in extra snacks along with all of the essentials like socks, sunscreen, and a favorite pillow, you will want to include Feeling Campy, the newest children’s aromatherapeutic spray from Bravery in a Bottle! Your child might seem excited at all of the activities like hiking and singing by the campfire, but underneath may be feeling just a bit apprehensive about being so far from home, especially if it is the first time. With just a spray of Feeling Campy, a dim mood can be uplifted and fears can be eradicated by the aromatherapeutic scent of lemon, lime, mandarin, pink grapefruit and litsea!

Not just for easing homesickness, this delightful spray is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral, (great for germy cabins!) and makes a wonderful disinfectant, natural antiseptic and most importantly – insect repellent!

To purchase Feeling Campy and other Children’s Aromatherapeutic Sprays, such as Monster Vapor, please visit www.braveryinabottle.com.

Let Aromatherapy Stress Away Roll On provide a moment of bliss in your otherwise harried life – just roll it on and de-stress! This unique blend features a hint of vanilla, lime, copaiba to revitalize and rejuvenate you throughout the day. Tiny enough to keep tucked in your desk drawer at the office or in a pocket of your purse, the Stress Away Roll On will last through dozens of applications!

Not just for stress, Young Living Essential Oils offers a variety of aromatherapeutic roll ons depending on your needs, including Valor, Deep Relief, Breathe Again, and Tranquil. For more information and to order, please visit Oils For Wellness.

Jennifer Nordin, Independent Young Living Distributor #329194, provides practical aromatherapy tips and private consultations through her blog, Oils For Wellness. Start living well today-subscribe to the free e-newsletter or purchase pure Young Living aromatherapy products from the Oils For Wellness website!

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Have a little one frightened of the dark? Monster Vapor offers “bravery in a bottle” – one spray and the monsters will surely stay away! Made of Organic Lavender, Organic Aloe, and witch hazel, this all-natural handy spray is a wonderful tool for parents to use with their child who experiences nightmares, has fear of being alone in the dark, or trouble sleeping. As lavender is known for its calming and soothing effect, Monster Vapor also makes a wonderful room spray to ease tension and stress. $8.50 a bottle, Monster Vapor can be found online at http://www.etsy.com/shop/zazzaro.