Here’s a smart product for the whole family! Badger SPF30 Anti-Bug Sunscreen offers superior UVA-UVB Protection AND repels insects, naturally! As any parent knows, trying to put sunscreen on your child is daunting as they try to dash out the door to play, but add in bug repellent on top of that and it becomes an insurmountable task! Badger Balm offers families a perfect way to stay protected from the sun and ward off pesky insects and bugs in one simple step!

This eco-friendly, multi-purpose product contains chemical free Zinc Oxide mineral sunscreen and Deet-free non-toxic bug repellent, combined with Certified Organic ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and beeswax for smooth application. To keep the bugs from biting, Badger uses organic Citronella, Cedar, Rosemary, Lemongrass, and Geranium essential oils. No nasty chemicals – just pure, natural ingredients. To purchase, visit to locate a store near you!

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Delightfully smelling and super scrumptious – no, it isn’t something tasty to eat! It’s Avalon Organics’ new Shampoo and Body Wash for baby! This silky body wash is extremely gentle on your child’s tender skin and is made from an 100% certified organic blend of chamomile, aloe, calendula and sunflower. Sulfate-free, paraben-free and hypo-allergenic, you will only need a few drops of the body wash when bathing your little one. You just might be tempted to use it on yourself during your next shower! Visit Avalon Organics for more information on where to purchase.

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Check out this wonderful protective sunscreen utilizing the benefits and protective power of green tea! Aubrey Organics Natural Sun Green Tea Sunscreen is an herbal sunscreen made for kids, but is a great pick for the entire family, especially for those with delicate, sensitive skin. Made with herbal emollients, such as creamy organic shea butter and organic green tea, the whole family will love this sunscreen by one of the oldest organic beauty brands on the market! Found at Whole Foods Market, health food stores nationwide, and online at

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As summer approaches and the weather warms up, the whole family wants to head outside to enjoy the sunshine! For parents, that means making sure the children are properly protected from head to toe from harmful UVA & UVB rays. What better protection than titanium dioxide, which is a natural reflective barrier. Avalon Organics sunscreen for baby offers superior natural mineral sunscreen in SPF 18, and combines titanium dioxide with certified organic chamomile and aloe (both soothe baby’s tender skin) plus organic jojoba and sunflower for a creamy, non-greasy formula. Hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free, this sunscreen is perfect for use by the entire family. Found online at, or visit their website for a list of retailers.

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GOOD MORNING! Let the revitalizing scent of peppermint wash over you during your morning shower, awakening the senses and springing you into your day! Made with nourishing botanicals and organically grown peppermint, this invigorating wash will gently cleanse your skin as you prepare for the day. Made with absolutely no parabens, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate or harsh preservatives. Great for days when you just don’t want to pull off the covers and get out of bed! Found at Whole Foods and other major health food chains, as well as online at

Creamy, oh so dreamy! This rich, moisturizing full body cream from Baby Cow Organics is wonderfully soothing on baby’s delicate skin. Moms will love slathering on this decadent cream on baby’s skin after the bath or a long day of play in the sunshine to soothe parched skin. Made of a combination of shea butter, (which provides a natural form of SPF protection) aloe vera, and meadowfoam oil, this nourishing cream is 100% natural and is created using no parabens, no sulfates, no petrochemicals, and no artificial colors. Baby Cow Organics can be found online at

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Introducing bINK’d – temporary tattoo earrings created by mom entrepreneur Cara Rybarik, who wanted to give her little girl a safe and fun alternative to traditional ear piercings. Moms everywhere will appreciate this adorable kid-safe, FDA-approved product made of vegetable-based inks and adhesive. Available in six fun designs for both boys and girls (Panda, Strawberry, Lightning Bolt, Monkey Face, Skull, and Ladybug), each bINK’d can be worn for up to 7 days! Each stackable container contains 12 of each design – collect all 6! Not just for ears, bINK’d temporary tattoos can adorn fingernails, toenails, books, a baby doll’s ears – let your child decide! bINK’d – Not forever. Just for now! Purchase bINK’d online at

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Moms everywhere will delight in this NEW Happy Mama Body Wash from Earth Mama Angel Baby! For pregnant mommies, the scent of ginger may help ease the queasiness associated with morning sickness, and the tangy scent of grapefruit will invigorate the senses. This non-toxic, USDA Certified Organic body wash is safe enough for the whole family to enjoy! Now that is pure happiness! $10.95. To purchase Happy Mama Body Wash and other organic products from Earth Mama Angel Baby, visit

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Developed for sensitive skin and those with allergies in mind, BABYBEARSHOP creates decadent organic skincare products for mamas and babies, from their Cheeky Baby Butter and Mama Belly Oil to their Baby Bird Soap and “All The Better to Kiss You With” eco lip balms.

Drench mom’s parched, dry skin with Cheeky Baby Butter or rub some on baby’s bottom for soothing relief of diaper rash. For pregnant moms, the Mama Belly Oil can be massaged gently on taut bellies or breasts. Apply the luscious eco lip balms to lips that are experiencing the harsh effects of winter or tuck into a pocket or purse while on the go! All BABYBEARSHOP products are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

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