For “Mom” at Tiny Green Mom, wearing her little one was essential those first few months of life, due to the fussy nature of her little girl. Moving, rocking, swinging and cuddling – as long as there was close contact with mom and movement, all was A-OK in her world! To promote bonding and provide comfort, various carriers and wraps were tried, and a favorite became the eco-stylish Organic Earth Carrier by Belle Baby Carrier!

This ergonomically-correct carrier is made of super-soft, 100% undyed Romanian hemp on the outside of the carrier and organic cotton fabric lines the inside, so that baby is snug and warm while being worn. What makes the Organic Earth Carrier unique is that unlike other carriers, where there are numerous straps or heavy fabric in between caregiver and baby, this particular carrier allows for direct contact, which is so soothing to wee ones. As Belle Baby Carrier touts, you are literally “only a heartbeat away!” The carrier is a godsend to breastfeeding moms who want to nurse discreetly while wearing baby, or for dads who want to bond with their newborn baby. In addition, the carrier now comes with a removable head support for infants who do not yet have head control, which is wonderful!

Belle Baby Carriers offers a full section on the benefits of babywearing, as well as provides support to new parents or those who are new to their particular style of baby carriers.

To purchase the Organic Earth Carrier, visit Belle Baby Carriers.

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Natural Nipple Butter by Earth Mama Angel Baby is truly a dream cream for dry, cracked and just plain sore nipples! It is formulated without lanolin, so it is certified Vegan, plus it is 100% Organic and safe for both mommy and baby. It is made with organic calendula, cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter. Sounds good enough to eat!

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For all the mommas out there who have looked down at their shirt while out in public to find it soaking wet with breast milk, LilyPadz® offers an ingenious solution! This self-adhering, reusable and non-absorbent silicone nursing pad puts constant pressure on your nipple and actually prevents the breast milk from leaking. To clean, use their biodegradable LilyWash™ & water to wash the LilyPadz® by hand. Super economical, too! Find them online at

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