Summer isn’t over yet! For those looking ahead to next Spring and Summer, purchasing clothing and gear ahead of the game always smart. What is smarter than sun protective swimsuits for the kiddos? This adorable Sun Smarties™ Girls One-Piece Swimsuit with Swim Diaper from One Step Ahead offers double duty – sun protection and and a fully lined swim diaper for your little princess. It’s easy to ensure your bathing beauty is enjoying herself and having fun (while staying protected) in the sun!

New this year, the One-Piece Swimsuit with Swim Diaper is just too, too cute! With UPF 50+ coverage, plus a sewn-in swim diaper under that sassy, ruffled skirt, the suit provides full one-piece coverage, with a completely lined front. Silky, stretchy, and quick-drying, with charming crossed back straps, two-tiered skirt, and features fun fish appliqués. “Mom” loves that unlike disposable swim diapers, it’s planet-friendly, too!

To learn more about the entire Sun Smarties™ line, or to order online, visit

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Ahoy little matey! The latest in adorable styles from Stuart Weitzman for the tiniest sailor this summer are these nautical-inspired “Nantucket” baby shoes. With a lovely striped print in either red or blue plus a denim style, and a matching oversized bow in front, the breathable canvas shoes will definitely be a hit!

The shoes come with a convenient zipper closure on the back of each shoe to make it simple to put them on or take them off of baby’s tiny feet. Plus, the insole is lightly cushioned for comfort.

For your family’s vacation or just sweet summer style, these affordable and oh-so cute infant shoes are this season’s must-have for your tiny fashionistas!

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Lightweight, comfortable, and available in a wide range of colors and patterns, Coobie has designed the ultimate bras and camis for every shape & size! “Mom” is expecting, and the seamless bras & camisole tops have fit nicely throughout pregnancy – they truly are one size fits all! The material used for both the bras and camisoles is extremely soft and stretchy, and is very comfortable against a tummy that is being stretched by a growing baby. You will want to own a variety of colors! The bras are made of a lycra/nylon blend, with adjustable straps, and make an excellent choice for wearing this summer as the weather continues to heat up outside.

Available in styles with lace trimming or the standard scoop neck, Coobie garments come in an abundant array of vibrant colors, offering a pop of color to your essential everyday outfit. Coobie also offers slight shape enhancements with the option of removable padding. To learn more or to order online, please visit

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One gorgeously green wrap – so many unique uses! Made of super-soft Micro Modal, which is created from the pulp of ethically farmed Beech trees that can be re-grown over and over again so less trees are needed in the production of the wrap, the Japanese-inspired Oramaki™ can be a slim-fitting skirt, an easy top, a double layer underneath a shirt, or a warm hug to pamper and soothe during pregnancy!

This is why “Mom” is loving the Oramaki™ at the moment – she is expecting, and this lovely wrap has made quite the difference when worn on her ever-expanding belly, especially at night, as it holds her belly lovingly while sleeping! Why choose the Oramaki™ during pregnancy?

  • Oramaki’s soft, hugging action pampers and calms during every stage of pregnancy.
  • When your pants stop fitting, the Oramaki is the perfect way to cover that opened button and save the cost of an early pregnancy wardrobe.
  • And when your baby bulge is in full bloom your Oramaki will help support your back and the weight of your belly on your inner organs and bladder.
  • Once baby arrives, your Oramaki converts to the perfect breast feeding cover-up.

Available in single layered in white only, or double layered styles in nude, black or pink, the Oramaki™ comes in sizes small, medium, and large. It makes an excellent gift for any expecting mom!

To learn more about the benefits of using the Oramaki™, visit

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Playtime just became brighter and more exciting with the ready-to-tumble line of children’s apparel, Tumblewalla! Made for imaginative, unrestricted play, elephants and tigers adorn the vibrantly-colored rompers, onesies, collar shirts, and more! With Indian-inspired designs and names, such as the Raja Romper, Mini Monsoon Onesie or Tandoor Button Down, this new line of apparel is hip and fresh, with worldly flair!

Mom” loves the unique cuts in the fabric and the bold designs – sized just perfectly for little ones. While the line emphasizes options for boys, the items are unisex and just as gorgeous on baby girls. Baby clothing is available in sizes 3 months – 18 months, and the boys’ clothing is available in sizes 6 months – 4T. For those moms who want to dress their young boys in something other than a soccer ball or firetruck motif with khaki pants – Tumblewalla is the answer!

We know you will fall in love with this playful new line of clothing for babies and children as much as we have at Tiny Green Mom! For an out-of-the-box baby shower gift or just to dress your own little ones in for plenty of tickles and stories, check out

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Hip Clothing for Kids with an Eco-Friendly Twist

This year, send your brood off to school in planet-friendly clothing that is heavy on style yet light on Mother Earth. Wearing the following hip, fashionable items, your little ones will be ready to hit the halls in eco-style this Fall.

Nobis Fall 2011 Collection

Check out these modern, trendy caps and hats for sparking creativity and letting your child express his or her own unique style! Nobis incorporates recycled materials into each design in the Kids’ Mini Collection for the eco-conscious and fashion-forward boy or girl. We think the Lil’ Rachel (pictured) or Lil’ Diego will be simply adorable on your little guy or gal!

Garden Kids

Send your little sweetpea off to school in a comfortable and oh-so-soft Organic Tiered Aqua Dress from Garden Kids. Paired with the Lavender/Natural Striped Shrug, it can be worn as we transition from Summer to Fall with ease, adding a layer if necessary on a cooler morning. No buttons or zippers of any kind, Garden Kids knows what both kids and moms want – comfort, blended with easy on, easy off style!

Garden Kids’ is known for their organic clothing for children, and what makes their items so fabulous is that they are made with 100% organic cotton fabrics that are untreated and made in the USA.

Mom” is also in love with their Organic Pajamas, available in a “long johns” version for the Fall or Winter, and a short-sleeved summer version – all in muted striped colors and made with super-soft organic cotton for extra snuggles and cuddles!

Peri Ponchos

Keep your little one toasty and warm this Fall with the gorgeous, handmade Peri Poncho, now made with EcoFleece! These stylish little capes are made entirely from 2-liter plastic pop bottles. Each handmade poncho is finished with colorful rococo flower trim, or ric rac, pom poms, and a tassle at the top of the hood. They are too, too cute and again, extremely easy to get on and off your child! Simply pull over the head – no sleeves at all!

Mom” can’t get over just how adorable these capes are – they are available in sizes XS (6-12 months) up to XL (8-10 years). The question is, will the designer be making an adult version anytime soon?

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Mom” was recently introduced to Garden Kids, which offers gorgeous & sustainable organic clothing for children that has stayed true to their values and beliefs since the company’s birth in 1994 – before “green” was as widespread as it is now! A brief interview with founder, Paula Haddad, gives us insight into what has made her company a long-standing member of the sustainable community.

An Interview with Paula Haddad of Garden Kids

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

Garden Kids is an honest-to-goodness handmade organic children’s apparel company. We have been in business for 17 years making super cute organic clothing that’s fun to wear, soft & comfortable. Our clothing line includes t-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, and jumpers, but we’re probably best known for our organic cotton pajamas. Our fabrics are sourced from U.S. suppliers almost exclusively, with our 50% hemp corduroy being the only imported fabric we use. The clothes are sewn by Norma, our wonderful seamstress who lives in Oregon. Our ongoing relationship with her is a big part of what makes Garden Kids successful.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

My hard-working mother taught me about healthy eating and organic foods long ago. I continue that same commitment in my own family, especially since my son was born with serious food allergies. My husband and I shop organic almost exclusively and we visit the local farmer’s market as often as our schedule allows. We love our native garden, which brings a lot of wildlife to our home – our neighbors enjoy it too. We avoid all products that use synthetic fragrances and we advise our patiently indulgent family and friends to do the same.

Guilty green pleasure?

A perfect, creamy latte made with fair trade coffee! We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to buy fair trade. Small coffee farmers worldwide are suffering terrible financial hardship, in contrast to the brokers. Starbucks is not their friend.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Try and stay focused on what you do best, though this can sometimes be difficult. Being in a green business exposes you to a hopeful and positive segment of society; people who have decided they want to make a difference. You’ll find inspiration in your customers, competitors and suppliers. Be prepared to educate and inform – the average consumer is still coming around to the idea of organic and sustainable.

*Image provided by Garden Kids.*

Top 3 Outdoor Picks for Children

Summer is not over yet! As we transition from the dog days of summer into the Fall, check out these 3 must-haves for your young outdoor enthusiasts!

Toddler ZnO Hoodie

Coolibar just knows how to blend comfort, style and sun protection! This darling hoodie for toddlers transitions easily from day to night, and is lightweight enough to be worn as a swim cover-up when beach or poolside, and as a jacket when out of doors late into the summer evening. Bright and cheerful, it is made to match Coolibar’s swim separates as it features patterned lined front pockets and hood. Providing your youngster with full sun coverage, the ZnO SUNTECT® fabric is made with permanently embedded zinc oxide that gives the hoodie a rating of UPF50+! The hoodie is also machine washable and can be tumbled dry.

For more information of Coolibar’s entire line of fabulous sun protective clothing for both adults and children, visit

Selk’bag® Kids

Planning one or two more camping trips before the warm weather is over? Keep the kiddos both comfortable and warm, and completely tucked into their sleeping bag with the innovative Selk’bag®! “Mom” could not believe the ingenious design of this sleeping bag – it is more like a sleeping suit! No more fussing and adjusting yourself in the sleeping bag at night – the Selk’bag® zips around your entire body like a cocoon, keeping you toasty all night long! Perfect for wiggly little ones, the Selk’bag® Kids is available in both Pink Fuschia and Directorie Blue. For young outdoor enthusiasts, this bag is just plain fun! Plus, it can be used at sleepovers during the school year, too! (And yes, in case you were wondering, it comes in adult sizes, too!)

The unique features of the Selk’bag® Kids include:

• Baffled construction to eliminate cold spots
• Leg vents to regulate temperature
• Reinforced nylon soles prevent wear and give traction on multiple surfaces
• Reversible hand-zippers, double front entry-zippers and a right hip zipper
• A hood for warmth and no drawstring for safety
• Compacting carry sack
• Kangaroo-style hand warmer pocket
• Front leg pocket
• Thermal collar around the head and neck to prevent drafts
• Exaggerated draft tubes to stop heat loss around zippers

You can learn more about the Selk’bag® sleeping system online at

Kushies® Sunglasses

Keep your infant or toddler’s eyes protected from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays with these virtually unbreakable sunglasses from Kushies! The sunglasses are made from 100% Dupont rubber, so they bend and move with any twisting or grabbing your child may do, and they feature polycarbonate impact and scratch resistant lenses. Basically these are childproof! (which “Mom” loves!) Blocking 100% of both UVA & UVB rays, Kushies sunglasses are available in an assortment of fun, bright colors such as Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, and Pink.

To learn more about Kushies® sunglasses, or to order online, visit

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Matching styles for mom & daughter! These easily packable, lightweight and oh-so-stylish bucket hats from Outdoor Research provide UPF protection on any adventure out of doors – whether on the trail or hitting the park!

Girls’ Solstice Bucket™

A simply adorable bucket design that keeps active kids cool and comfortable while outside. The UPF 30+ fabric keeps them protected from the sun’s harsh rays, and a moisture wicking headband help keeps the sweat away from their eyes no matter how hard they play. Available in Fuchsia/White or Turquoise/White.

Women’s Solaris Bucket™

Moms will love sporting this cute bucket hat with bold graphics while beach or poolside this summer. The lightweight, UPF 50+ fabric adds protection while moisture management helps keep you comfortable when chasing after the kiddos! While designed for outdoor pursuits, this hat is so stylish you can wear it anywhere! Available in Berry/Dark Grey, Sand/Khaki, and Atlantic/Dark Grey.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this article.*

Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Summer

The weather is warm, the waves are high, and it’s time to show off that gorgeous golden tan that you got at the beach last weekend. You’ve already got some stylish, organic cotton threads, and your sandals are a pretty convincing faux leather, but when it comes time to accessorize with a few key pieces of jewelry, you may be at a loss as to how to go about greening up your act. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways to get the jewelry you’ll need to spice up your summer look without doing any harm to the environment. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

For starters, you need to know what it is you’re trying to avoid. Most costume jewelry is made from plastics or low-grade metals while higher-end stuff is procured through mining. Here’s the problem with these items. The plastics, as you may know, require both pollution and waste to create, in most cases. And then there is mining. Both precious metals and gemstones must be dug from the Earth and the process is often catastrophic. Holes are blasted, ruining the landscape and displacing native plants and animal. Then there is the actual mining, which causes further devastation through the use of toxic chemicals. And finally, there is the pollution and waste that is left behind for generations to come, seeping into the ground and the water supply.

So, you’ll clearly want to avoid anything made through these methods. Unfortunately, that’s a big chunk of what you’re going to find commercially. However, there are operations that are looking to change the way mining is done in order to lessen the impact to the environment. They not only use methods of mining that pollute less (or not at all); they also clean up their mess when they’re done. Further, most of these companies support fair trade (meaning their workers are paid to industry standards, rather than forced into labor or exploited with low wages). And some big names (Zales, QVC, and others) have committed to using these sources for jewelry. In addition, many companies that sell diamonds now use only stones that are certified conflict-free (no blood diamonds).

But there’s more. Many jewelers now use only recycled gems and metals to create new pieces, reducing the need for further mining of our finite resources. And there are plenty of companies making costume jewelry from eco-friendly materials like recycled wood, vinyl records (you’d be surprised by some of the cool cuffs and earrings they make), aluminum from cans, old game tiles, vintage silverware (spoons, forks), glass bottles, vintage buttons, and a whole host of other items you’d never think of using to create beautiful and unique jewelry for everyday use. You can find all sorts of interesting items on sites like Etsy, Uncommon Goods, Wired Resistance, and Go Green Items (among others).

Every day it’s becoming easier to find the eco-friendly jewelry that will help you to look and feel great. As more and more people continue to seek out and purchase these items, rather than those that add pollution and waste to the deal, the availability and variety of these accessories will continue to rise (while prices drop). So do your part to keep this movement alive and enjoy the many gorgeous creations that keep our Earth beautiful along the way.

About the Author

Sarah Danielson is a writer for Adiamor Engagement Ring where you can find a large selection of loose diamonds, wedding bands, and other fine diamond jewelry.