Founded in 2010 by Donna Steinmann, Medicine Mama’s Apothecary is a skincare company that harnesses the power of nature in all of their eco-friendly, organic products for the skin and face. This dynamic woman is truly an inspiration, and it was fascinating to learn a little bit more about the woman behind this eco-fabulous line that has “Mom” raving!

An Interview with Donna Steinmann, Founder of Medicine Mama’s Apothecary

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

As a skin care company, we trust nature’s intelligent design and understand that the less we meddle with it, the better off we are. We source the finest organic, natural and pristine ingredients that we can find because we know that will make us the best Magic.

The honeybee products that we use to make our creams are the most eco-friendly raw materials on Earth since the bees naturally give back to the ecosystem with every plant and nectar they harvest. We are ever mindful to be as sustainable as the bees and our production line is zero-waste with no byproducts.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

I ride my bicycle to work every day.

Guilty green pleasure?

I love wearing clothes made with organic materials like raw silk, bamboo and organic cotton.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

If you love what you do, are passionate about it and can’t imagine doing anything else or anything differently, you have already succeeded.

It was a distinct pleasure getting to know the fascinating woman and green pioneer behind Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, which has been a family-run business since 1968, before the green movement was even popular! Pictured above holding one of her “kids” on the farm, Jennifer is shown standing in front of one of the many solar panels that are used to power her home, the farm and the creamery! What an inspiration to those who wish to offer more sustainable solutions in their business model and practice.

An Interview with Jennifer Lynn Bice, Owner of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery

Tell us About Your Eco-inspired Company!

Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery is an actual farm and a creamery producing all-natural, delicious and unique specialty dairy products that are also Certified Humane®. Goat milk products include artisan cheeses, award-winning yogurt and probiotic kefir. Lactose-free cow dairy products, under the Green Valley Organics name, include yogurt, kefir and sour cream. Located in Sonoma County, about 60 miles north of San Francisco, both the farm and creamery are solar powered. Owned by Jennifer Bice after starting with dairy goats in 4-H, now three of her siblings also work full time in the family business.

How do You Choose to Go Green in Your Own Life?

With the science of climate change becoming more known all the time, I wanted to do anything I could to try to help and make a difference. Converting our farm, creamery and house to 100% solar was a big step. We also have installed two electric car-charging stations that operate from our solar system and both the business and I personally drive Prius cars. We are constantly trying to reduce our consumption of whatever and wherever we can, reuse where possible, and of course recycle extensively. We also use only 100% recycled paper in the office and use only 100% recycled and/or biodegradeable tasting supplies at demos and tradeshows.

Guilty Green Pleasure?

Getting into bed each night and sinking into my 100% organic cotton sheets….

Can You Offer Any Encouraging Words for Those With a Small Sustainable Business?

Think about the big picture but do the little things that really add up. There are a lot of good ideas and articles out there to help get you thinking about how and what you can do. Everyone and every business can do things that will make a difference!

A new children’s apparel company has launched on the market in the past year, ready to delight and inspire your little ones at playtime! The founder, Sonal Gerten, infuses her line with the joy and wonder of childhood, as seen in the bold, bright colors of the line, as well as the name, Tumblewalla, which loosely translated means “one who tumbles” in Hindi.

This is an adorable new line that is socially responsible, as well, giving back to two separate organizations!

A dollar from each item purchased from Tumblewalla goes to the company’s Tumble & Tickle Movement, to raise funds and awareness for two nonprofits doing work critical to the development of children in India and Kenya: The Priyanka Foundation, a Minnesota nonprofit that operates Child Life and Development service programs for chronically ill children worldwide; and One Home Many Hopes, which finds, rescues, houses, loves and educates orphaned and abandoned girls in Mtwapa, Kenya and equips them to be the future agents of change in their community.

An Interview with Sonal Gerten, Founder of Tumblewalla

Tell us About Your Eco-Inspired Company!

Tumblewalla celebrates the intrinsic playful spirit of kids around the world. Our clothing line is un-restricted so it is easy to move, play, and just have fun. The line features Indian-inspired free flowing cuts and vibrant colors. We believe that unstructured play is critical for emotional and social development. Many children from around the world do not have the access or resources to play as they should. That’s why Tumblewalla is committed to partnering with emerging organizations across the globe that do just this – make it possible for kids everywhere to celebrate their youth.

How do You Choose to go Green in Your Own Life?

Our kid toys and clothes don’t get thrown away – they always find a home. We also live in a great walking/biking neighborhood so I prefer to get around without the car when we can.

Guilty Green Pleasure?

In the summertime, I love buying fresh produce, pastries and other goodies at the farmers market. We also grow our own vegetables and herbs – mainly tomatoes and parsley – the easy stuff.

Can You Offer Any Encouraging Words for Those with a Small Sustainable Business?

Friends and family are a valuable support network! I had my ups and downs (I still do) and it’s so wonderful to have a group of people cheering you on and helping you along the way.

Recently launched in the US Market in 2011, Baby Gourmet has been feeding tiny little tummies healthy, delicious meals since 2006! Recently, “Mom” not only had the pleasure of taste-testing founder Jennifer Brou’s creations with her own little one, but was able to ask her a few behind the scenes questions for Tiny Green Mom readers!

An Interview with Jennifer Broe, Founder of Baby Gourmet

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

All of our products start out in my kitchen — not in a lab or a factory. Depending on the run, so far 13 of the 20 ingredients used in more than a million pouches were sourced in the USA from American growers and suppliers. And once the food has been manufactured, we taste every batch. If we don’t absolutely love it, we start from scratch. Our factories are tested after each run on a microscopic level for remaining allergens. It is a nut and egg free- factory, and dairy is only found in the apple crisp flavor.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

I cook fresh food from farmer’s markets instead of buying pre-packed or processed meals. I like that it not only saves on waste, but also helps support local industry.

Guilty green pleasure?

My Vitamix is my new obsession! Instead of buying juices and soups at the grocery store I make my own. I even make my own flours from healthy grains! This also ties in to my theme of buying local and cooking for my whole family. I run a business promoting organic, homemade baby food and I live my life the same way.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Anything is possible, as long as you do your homework! Research and laying out a solid plan is the cornerstone to running a successful business. Taking chances can be a gamble, as long as you are prepared to handle any outcome then roll the dice.

Launched just this week, Reusable and Green is off to an amazing start in the green community! Founder Shabbir Nooruddin took a few minutes to answer a few questions for Tiny Green Mom readers on his exciting new planet-conscious business which offers modern, planet-friendly items for the entire family.

An Interview with Shabbir Nooruddin, Founder of Reusable And Green

Tell us About Your Eco-inspired Company!

In a time where awareness about the health and safety of our home planet is on the rise, we are dedicated to bring you high quality eco-friendly products that are both innovative and safe for the environment. We have looked everywhere for something worthy to sell, and have finally come to the conclusion that no product is more worthy and more necessary than one that helps us save our Mother Earth.

How Do You Choose to go Green in Your Own Life?

As a child, I was brought up to be very conscious of what I consume and not to waste anything. Everything that we have is a gift from Nature and from God, and to waste it would be to reject such a wonderful gift. I try to save as much water as I can, I try to recycle very diligently, I use power-saving bulbs, most of my appliances are energy-star qualified. I am also working very hard to try and eliminate using plastic bags, and whatever I have to use, I try to recycle over and over again.

Guilty Green Pleasure?

Chemical-free, pesticide-free, sweet and delicious organic fruit.

Can You Offer any Encouraging Words for Those with a Small Sustainable Business?

Keep at it! This is the future – we are lucky to have embraced it so early on.

An Interview with Jes MaHarry, Founder of Jes MaHarry Jewelry

Jes MaHarry, the founder of Jes MaHarry Jewelry, took the time to stop by Tiny Green Mom to answer a few questions from “Mom” about her planet-friendly jewelry business, and what “Mom” learned was this spirited, talented woman has HEART! It shines through her work and all of her beautifully sculpted pieces!

Tell us About Your Eco-Inspired Company!

Everything I create is an extension of my heart. Born with a deep sensitivity and inherent compassion for all living things I believe it is absolutely vital to align my personal and professional life with socially responsible sourcing and ethical production. My hand-sculpted charms radiate compassion, insight, and have a rare depth of emotion. My jewelry communicates sentiments and stories personal to the wearer and my love of nature manifests not only in the designs, but entirely within my ethical, earth-friendly business.

How do You Choose to go Green in Your Own Life?

I eat organically, we never put chemicals on our land/ranch, and we use eco-friendly products only!

Guilty Green Pleasure?

Mary’s Secret Garden 3-layer Vegan Cocoa Cake.

Can You Offer any Encouraging Words for Those with a Small Sustainable Business?

Follow your heart, always be tuned in to your intuition, and at all times work from love.

An Interview with Carl Blanchet, Owner of Cascades

Founded in 1964, Cascades has been providing affordable and sustainable products to consumers for decades. Committed to the environment in both his personal and professional life, Carl Blanchet truly knows what it means to live a greener, more eco-friendly existence.

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

Since the beginning in 1964, Cascades has respected the environment by recycling and reducing the use of natural resources, as much as possible. We have used 5 times less water than the industry and produced 50% less CO2 emissions in our operations since 1990. We have a R&D Center which focuses its innovation on sustainable development approaches.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

By recycling, composting, by using eco-responsible products and recycling my clothes. I educate my child of the importance of respecting the environment via many simple gestures. I drive a car with low gas consumption.

Guilty green pleasure?

I like to grow my own vegetables in my own garden.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Each small gesture counts. In the long-term, sustainable development is profitable. A company has to walk the talk and be constant in what they say and what they do. Employees are proud to work for a green company. It enhances the sense of belonging.

Mom” recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Tara Dickinson, who just launched Nirvana Mama in 2011! Tara shared a little insight into why she created Nirvana Mama, and the inspiration behind the designs of the line. For moms, babies and toddlers – we think you will fall in love with this new sustainable company!

An Interview with Tara Dickinson, Founder of Nirvana Mama

1. Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

Nirvana Mama was born during a meditation session. In collaboration with another artistic friend, the original designs draw on the joy and happiness of childhood. Not just baby clothes; these are the beginning of a greener future.

With your child’s comfort in mind and knowing we each have a commitment to a healthier planet, the fabrics chosen are made with 100% certified organic cotton yarns grown from non-genetically altered seeds and nourished without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Through awareness of self and of the moment Tara strives to share herself with others. She hopes Nirvana Mama can bring smiles and lightness to people’s lives as they raise the children in their midst. Every child deserves the best and Nirvana Mama is making it easy to go green with kids.

2. How do you choose to go green in your own life?

Every single way I can possibly can! Mostly I recycle just about everything, every piece of cardboard, paper, bottle, can, foil, jars, clothing, yard waste–you name it I recycle it. I compost so no food goes into landfills. I have yet to create a successful garden or eatable food but at least I making some good soil. I eat organic and mostly unprocessed fresh foods. I buy locally for as many products as possible and never spend my dollars at large corporate stores. I never use fertilizer on my property, never waste water on lawn maintenance and have moved to mostly native flora. Walk, bike and car pool as much as possible. Always use shopping totes—working hard to make others aware of the over 1 billion plastic bags American’s deposit into landfills every year. And just this year I have made a commitment to never buy a plastic bottle again.

3. Guilty green pleasure?

My non-green guilty pleasure I would have to say is the Sunday paper from time to time and for a super cheat: orange food. Cheese whiz on top of cheese puffs. A guilty green pleasure …..can’t think of any green thing that’s guilty

4. Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

I would say tenacity and standing by your convictions. Put yourself and what you have to offer out there and liked-minded people will find you. We’re here! The sayings are true; each one of us can make a difference. Our biggest power is where and how we spend our dollars. If we all personally make the sustainable choice as often as we can, those choices get noticed. They get noticed by our family, our friends, and than by the population and industry at large. At this very moment in time sustainable can be a harder and often times more expensive choice. But if we keep offering alternatives the market and demand will turn the tide until we’re living in a sustainable society!

Mom” was recently introduced to JuneBee Baby, an online boutique that offers gorgeous hand knit baby clothing that puts a modern spin on vintage knits, and the result is stunning! June Sayali, who founded the company in 2006, was kind enough to answer some questions about her business for Tiny Green Mom readers!

An Interview with June Sayali, Founder of JuneBee Baby, Inc.

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

JuneBee Baby is an exclusive online baby clothing boutique that offers an exceptionally fresh look into the baby fashion world with its timeless heirloom quality pieces hand made with pure natural fibers.

We specialize in hand knitted baby clothes for newborns, infants and toddlers of ages 0-36 months. Our alluring collection features one-of-a-kind sweaters, dresses, cardigans, rompers, christening sets, blankets, hats and booties designed for ultimate comfort and crafted with the finest yarns of Cotton, Bamboo, Wool and Cashmere.

Each product in our baby clothing boutique is a piece of art touched by no single machine stitch and created with a characteristically genuine style that blends authentic original patterns and motifs with an eclectic and contemporary flair.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

I always choose glass containers over plastic ones, purchase food in glass jars instead of plastic packages, use my AC as little as possible, walk or bike when running errands and teach my little one to recycle. Plan to grow my own tomatoes and green peppers in my patio soon.

Guilty green pleasure?

Purchasing fresh organic food from the local farmer’s market.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

As a small business owner who has to be multi-task oriented and take care of many aspects of the work on her own, planning and determination are keys to success. It really helps a lot to plan your day, week, month and even a year ahead with an up to date To Do List. Put a timeframe to complete each item, start with the most important ones that you prioritize, and try your best to stick to the planned timelines. It almost follows the same pattern with exercising…first you push yourself hard to start and keep going, and then you become more and more motivated when you start to see results.

Launched in late 2010, smilegram paper® by Plaids and Polka Dots is setting the standard for high-quality stationery for children made using recycled materials! A peek into Carey Grund’s business shows us that this cause is near and dear to her heart!

An Interview with Carey Grund of Plaids and Polka Dots, maker of smilegram paper®

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

My daughter’s love for art and fine appreciation for a handwritten note was the inspiration for smilegram paper®. I paired my daughter’s one-of-a-kind artwork with high quality, recycled materials and created a product that is fun for kids and also works to teach them the importance of handwritten notes.

Smilegram paper’s® mission is to help children turn creative thoughts into handwritten words. I have always believed in teaching my children the importance of a handwritten thank you note from a very early age, so it is my goal to provide parents with a tool to allow their children to express their ever creative mind. Because our stationery is designed with a child’s hand drawn artwork, the graphics are kid-friendly, bright and cheerful. It is also the only boutique style stationery that offers lined paper for guided handwriting. Smilegram paper® makes writing a handwritten note fun and easy.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

We recycle at our home; everything from plastic to paper. Recently, my daughter made recycle bins to keep our items organized.

Guilty green pleasure?

I pride myself on building a company that is green and environmentally-friendly. All of our fine stationery is high quality 70 lb. stock with a soft matte finish. We use recycled materials in the production of all of our products. Being a green company is very important to me as it is good for our environment and teaches our children to be conservative and to recycle.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Continue to believe in yourself! Do good for your customers, your business, your community and most importantly, your family. Make smart and sound business decisions while having fun. Be sure to wake up every morning doing something that you love.