Mamas – take a sip of pure bliss in a steaming mug! Monthly Comfort Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby helps to soothe and calm new mothers as they heal and recuperate postpartum. This delightful, USDA certified 100% Organic tea is a rich blend of lemon balm, Lady’s Mantle, alfalfa, nettles, and ginger to ease cramping and settle nerves. Not just for new moms, this tea is a wonderful aid during the time of the month when “Aunt Flo” comes to visit! $5.97 per carton.

All of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s products can be purchased online or found in various retail locations and health food stores nationwide.

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Awww – A Little Piece of My Art. The name just puts a smile on your face! Check out these gorgeous, handprinted pendants and bracelets made with love by Dawn Patini of A Little Piece of My Art. Printed on recycled stainless steel washers and placed on soft suede, Dawn’s pieces are eco-chic and so, so pretty – made to order for a special occasion. Whether it is your daughter’s first soccer game or your grandmother’s birthday, a necklace, bracelet or complete set can be made for the event. Reasonably priced, starting at $15 for a single pendant, these lovely gifts arrive in an organza gift bag within days of ordering. To purchase a custom piece, please contact Dawn directly at

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Moms everywhere will delight in this NEW Happy Mama Body Wash from Earth Mama Angel Baby! For pregnant mommies, the scent of ginger may help ease the queasiness associated with morning sickness, and the tangy scent of grapefruit will invigorate the senses. This non-toxic, USDA Certified Organic body wash is safe enough for the whole family to enjoy! Now that is pure happiness! $10.95. To purchase Happy Mama Body Wash and other organic products from Earth Mama Angel Baby, visit

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Natural Nipple Butter by Earth Mama Angel Baby is truly a dream cream for dry, cracked and just plain sore nipples! It is formulated without lanolin, so it is certified Vegan, plus it is 100% Organic and safe for both mommy and baby. It is made with organic calendula, cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter. Sounds good enough to eat!

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The saying goes, “If Mama Isn’t Happy, Then Nobody’s Happy!” Here’s a way to combat those baby blues postpartum – with Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Happy Mama Spray. The name alone is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! Touted as “virtual bliss in a bottle,” a simple spritz of this spray which contains ginger and lime pure essential oils is sure to settle mom’s nerves. Found at Babies R’ Us and online at

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For all the mommas out there who have looked down at their shirt while out in public to find it soaking wet with breast milk, LilyPadz® offers an ingenious solution! This self-adhering, reusable and non-absorbent silicone nursing pad puts constant pressure on your nipple and actually prevents the breast milk from leaking. To clean, use their biodegradable LilyWash™ & water to wash the LilyPadz® by hand. Super economical, too! Find them online at

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