For parents concerned about harsh chemicals, additives or dyes found in their children’s art supplies, Clementine Art offers gorgeous certified non-toxic soy crayons, natural markers, natural modeling dough, natural paint, soy crayon rocks, and natural glue. With all ingredients listed right on the box – there is no mystery as to what is inside the products! Moms will love that the paints, crayons, & other art supplies that typically end up in their child’s hair, on tiny hands and clothes are wholesome, clean, environmentally-friendly and safe. Clementine Art can be found at National retail locations such as Whole Foods, or online at

To ease baby into a gentle slumber with soft vibrations or a soothing heartbeat, try Cloud B’s NEW Polar Cuddle Cub™! This cuddly-soft cub is made of eco-friendly and anti-bacterial soy based fabric, and features a special vibration device with two rhythmic options to lull your little one off to dreamland. The Polar Cuddle Cub™ is sure to be a favorite friend at bedtime!

What makes this sweet cub even more special is that a portion of the purchase will go to an international wildlife organization, as part of the Cloud B Endangered Species Series. Find the Polar Cuddle Cub™ and other friends online at $29.00

*Cloud B sent Polar Cuddle Cub for review.*

Soothe baby’s aching, sore gums with Lifefactory’s new, multi sensory teethers with various nubs, textures, and ribs for your little one to chomp on! Sized perfectly for small hands, but large enough to fit on mom’s wrist while out and about – these brightly colored teethers are free of BPA, Phthalates, Latex, or PVC. For babies who put everything in their mouth at this stage, parents can rest assured that this teether is safe to gum and gnaw upon! Lightweight and made of medical grade silicone, the multi sensory teether comes in 3 bold, stimulating colors and is dishwasher-safe. $6.99.

A different twist on sending a “money gram” is the GreenGram™, featuring the world’s first ever recycled rubber ducky! Mr. Green™, as he is so aptly named, is completely made of 100% recycled materials. For a unique, eco-inspired gift, visit, where you can send a Mr. Green™ rubber duck, a bar of luxurious Canard Vert™ handmade soap, and a personalized note on recycled paper. What a “green”-tastic gift for any occasion!

*Company sent along a sample for this review.