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In Mom's Kitchen: Junkless Chewy Granola Bars

If you're like me, you are always searching for healthier versions of your family's favorite snack foods... and Junkless Chewy Granola Bars definitely deliver! Upping the YUM factor considerably, we are now stocking our pantry with these delish…

In Mom's Kitchen: Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn from Popcornopolis

Calling all popcorn lovers! If your family is anything like mine, popcorn is a staple for movie nights at home! We love snuggling up on the couch with a big bowl to share, while the toddler runs circles around the living room as we watch the…

Free Printable Activities from A Wrinkle in Time

A WRINKLE IN TIME opens in theaters everywhere this Friday March 9th! For some fun, free printable activities to get your children excited for the movie, download the 3 activity sheets below! Maze: Wrinkle in Time Maze Fortune Teller: Wrinkle…

Herbed Lasagna Chips

Lasagna noodles are transformed into tasty chips for snacking in this easy recipe - perfect for your 2018 Olympics viewing party! Kids will love to help make (and eat!) these fun lasagna chips. While the original recipe calls for regular lasagna…

In Mom's Kitchen: Twinings Tea

What a cold spell we have been having in FL this January! Luckily, I was sent some delightful new teas from Twinings! It is National Hot Tea Month, so what better time to celebrate and cozy up with a favorite cup of tea...and learn a little…

In Mom's Kitchen: Viva La Mamma

As a busy family, we are always seeking healthy, nutritious and quick meals...because when our kiddos are hungry, they let us know it! I keep snacks on hand in the car, in my diaper bag, and backpack so that I am prepared to hand out mandarin…

Chicken Sausage, Feta and Kale Frittata

This delicious frittata is stuffed with kale and red bell peppers, which brings out the flavor of the organic sweet italian chicken sausage nicely! Courtesy of True Story Foods, it is ready in no time for your New Year's Day brunch! Chicken…

Tiny Green Mom's Veggie, Chorizo & Cheese Egg Muffins

I feel a little late to the egg muffin party... I have always made quiche instead! But Starbucks makes delightful little egg bites that are around $4-5 for two, and in the interest of saving money, I decided to whip up some egg muffins yesterday…

In Mom's Kitchen: Sunrays Mandarins

Last week, my little ones came down with a horrible cold virus, and almost like magic, I received a big bag of fresh, juicy Sunrays mandarin oranges to try in the mail! We pulled the bag out and immediately started snacking... my little guy…

Healthy Sugar Cookies

Making cookies today? Here is an incredibly delicious sugar cookie which happens to also be nutritious and healthy with only 5 g of sugar by leading Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Sloane Davis. Healthy Sugar Cookies Ingredients 1 scoop…

5 Ways to Support a Family Whose Child is on Hospice at the Holidays

A couple weeks ago, a colleague asked me a personal question. Her friend had heard the worst words that a parent ever will hear...that her son had only weeks to live after his cancer returned, and would need to be placed on hospice. She asked…

Remembering the Last Christmas with Our Daughter

This morning I woke up early, missing you... and I came downstairs, made a cup of coffee, turned on all the beautiful twinkling lights on our Christmas trees, and looked at the 5 stockings hung on our fireplace mantel. There's a unicorn for…

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