ID-100120230Top 5 Eco-Baby & Toddler Gifts for 2013

The holidays are here, and it is time for “Mom” to reveal her top eco-friendly gifts for babies and toddlers! The five items below will delight and surprise both parents and children this season!

KicKee Pants Blanket

KicKee Pants Ruffle Blanket
Wee ones will love to snuggle up with this super-soft Ruffle Blanket from KicKee Pants! Made from soft Viscose from Bamboo fabric, the blanket is the ideal combo of stretch and softness. Great for swaddling or for cuddling as your child grows – this will surely be a favorite for years to come! Available in a variety of solid colors and cozy prints.

Dots on Tots

Dots on Tots Flap Hat
Celeb-loved line Dots on Tots has the perfect stocking stuffer for babies this season – the organic cotton Flap Hat! Made from 100% certified organic soft baby cotton, the Flap Hat is double layered for warmth, and seamless with a soft Velcro (hook and loop) closure on the flaps. The hat is a must-have for chilly weather! Made in the USA with low-impact dyes, the Flap Hat is available in white, blue or pink in either cotton or sherpa fabric.

Baby Mantra

Baby Mantra Skincare Line
Safeguard your baby’s sacred bedtime bath with Baby Mantra, a new baby skincare line made of top quality, all-natural and organic ingredients. Lush formulations pamper mom and baby alike, without the harmful chemicals and carcinogens often found in mainstream products. For the perfect gift set for a newborn baby this season, Baby Mantra offers four toxin-free products to protect, pamper and soothe, including the Newborn Shampoo & Body Wash, 3-in-1 Baby Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Body Wash, Calming Massage Oil, and Calming Lotion. The line can be found at Walgreens,, and


Cloud b Lullabag
Little ones will be snug as a bug all winter long in the Cloud b Lullabag! This gorgeous, extremely comfy sleep bag helps keep your baby’s body temperature just right throughout the night, making for better, longer sleep. Used in place of loose blankets and bedding, it is a safe alternative that helps to reduce the risk factors associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and suffocation. The Lullabag is available in fleece, bamboo/cotton and pointelle in a variety of prints in sizes S-L.

Green Toys Rocket

Green Toys Rocket
Your future astronaut will love pretending to blast off into outer space while being socially responsible this holiday season with the new Green Toys Rocket, which is made from recycled materials and is free of toxins. The fully equipped, 2-in-1 set includes a detachable top capsule and two astronauts that sport molded spacesuits, helmets, and dual-tank backpacks. Powered by a main booster and three auxiliary fin boosters, the Rocket has a large door that flips down to double as a set of steps up into the main cavity, while the detachable nose cone capsule has its own door that opens to reveal buttons, dials, and more. $24.99.

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Carry all of baby’s necessities in eco-friendly style with the World Peace Eco Tote from Amy Michelle! This roomy bag shows moms’ eco-conscious side, and features a plethora of pockets for keeping everything neat and tidy while out and about with baby. The World Peace Eco-Tote is made from 11 recycled plastic bottles and 8.5 oz of reused fabric, making it a planet-friendly gal’s dream.

What “Mom” loves about this diaper bag is that it can also be carried by Dad! With an adjustable shoulder strap, the World Peace Eco Tote offers parents a bag that they can both share when caring for baby, in a style that suits everyone. It can also be strapped to a stroller, if needed.

Unique features of the World Peace Eco Tote include:

Baby’s Section

  • Changing pad (21″ x 14″) – Remove padding to wash lining
  • 2 Internal & 2 external bottle pockets (baby or water bottles)
  • Quick release pacifier holder
  • 5 pockets for maximum organization
  • Compartments for diapers, wipes, and bottles
  • Stroller attachments included

Parent’s Section:

  • Top zipper closure
  • Zip closure outside front pocket with cell phone pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap (can convert to quick backpack)
  • Easy to find key ring
  • Bright lining with recycled symbol
  • Monogramming available

To learn more about Amy Michelle, to view their other styles, or to order a World Peace Eco Tote, please visit

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GreenSoul Shoes is on a mission to shoe 1 million children in 5 years! You can assist their efforts by purchasing a pair of their 100% up-cycled sandals to wear, and GreenSoul Shoes will give a pair away to an underprivileged, barefoot child in the same community that the shoes were made. It is that easy! The typical mode of transportation in many of these communities is by foot, and a pair of shoes can mean that a child can walk to school to receive an education without worry of infection or injury. Education is the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty, and the seemingly small gift of a pair of shoes can literally set the child on the right path.

This amazing, planet-conscious company works with local artisans from various developing nations to produce a comfortable, high-quality sandal that is entirely made out of inner tubes and rubber tires with absolutely no staples, pins or glues. What is even more exemplary is that this organization has decided to not only help place shoes on children’s feet, but they have considered the fact that discarded tires can take over 80 years in illegal dump sites to decompose, and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which cause diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

In addition to their sandals, the artisans handcraft gorgeous bracelets and matching necklaces created out of magazines, as well as large and small-sized tote bags. “Mom” was fortunate to receive a matching bracelet and necklace set that is truly beautiful. The artisans chose to roll the same color of magazine papers into a gorgeous set that has everyone guessing what the jewelry is made from!

With their “Buy One, Give One” policy, GreenSoul Shoes is truly making an impact. To learn more about, or to purchase a pair of sandals, please visit their website.

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Touted as the line for those who are “sexy with substance,” REVEAL offers a full line of sustainable, earth-friendly, and 100% cruelty-free handbags, wallets, messenger bags, and accessories for both men and women! This is one company whose mission is to blend fashion with their commitment to the planet, and they do it with panache. Innovative and fashion-forward, REVEAL’s bags and accessories are created with a variety of eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, hemp, 100% cruelty-free vegan leather, and recycled polyester made from plastic water bottles. The quality is truly unmatched, and their whole line just glimmers with personality down to the very last detail!

From their Quilted Collection that has made its’ debut at select Nordstroms nationwide, to their sporty Vegan Superstar, (“Mom’s” favorite!) eco-fashionistas everywhere will agree – REVEAL has designed one incredibly hip line! From clutches and satchels to bamboo cuff links and luxury bamboo watches, REVEAL offers something for every planet-conscious soul.

Just in time for the holidays, a gift from REVEAL would make the eco-conscious mama on your gift list incredibly pleased. For those watching their budget, REVEAL’s totes and handbags are affordably-priced, and there are many stylish options under $50, such as the Ivy Quilted Wallet!

What is even more amazing about this company is that for every purchase made, REVEAL will plant a tree! They have partnered with American Forests, the oldest nonprofit conservation organization in the U.S., and a portion of their proceeds will go towards replanting native trees in damaged ecosystems around the world.

To learn more about this fantastic environmentally-conscious company, or to order one of their chic purses or other accessories, please visit

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OMG. Eco-conscious tweens and teens will love storing all of their personal items in this water resistant IM Text Shower Tote from KangaRoom Storage! Carting items to and from the shower, whether in the locker room or at home, becomes a breeze – the IM Text Shower Tote features eight small outside pockets and one large center pocket to hold all the necessities. The center pocket is big enough to hold a hair dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, if desired.

Made of 100% recycled materials, this durable tote also features grommets on the bottom for drainage while showering. Moms’ of little QT’s can also stash bath toys, soaps, shampoos, and other items in the shower tote to keep everything neat and tidy between baths. The IM Text Shower Tote costs an affordable $7.99, and can be found online.

For other products in the KangaRoom IM Text line of recycled organizational items, check out their website at

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Greening up the kitchen is Robinson Home Products, who have recently introduced their new line, Green Street® Cooking Tools. Made from 100% recycled materials, their tools are all created from approximately 2 -3 recycled (PET) water bottles. “Mom” was fortunate to receive samples of their large patterned turner and solid spoon for review, and can affirm that the tools are well-made and extremely durable for kitchen use!

This new collection includes both a solid spoon and a patterned spoon, which is handy when spooning items that need draining into a dish! In addition, there are 2 turners, as well, one large patterned turner and a small turner. Both feature a perforated edge which can be used to cut through food, and an ergonomic handle for a secure, comfortable grip. Made in the USA, the turners and spoons are dishwasher-safe and heat resistant to 425 degrees F.

The best part is that the new Green Street® Cooking Tools won’t break the bank, either! Each item retails for $3.99, and can be found at 300 Kitchen Collection stores as well as Le Gourmet Chef stores nationwide.

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Now you can safely store all of your necessities when enjoying the outdoors with the Jimi! This water-resistant, lightweight wallet carries just the absolute essentials – your debit or credit card, money, driver’s license – and can be quickly tucked into a back pocket, purse, diaper bag, backpack or worn around the neck with ease. Perfect for traveling! The Jimi is proudly made in the USA of 100% recycled materials, and is available in a wide array of bright colors, which makes it easy to find when lost! To purchase, visit

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Here’s a product that is used everyday and will most likely end up in landfills – your toothbrush! Go ahead, take a second and think about the last time you placed your old toothbrush in the recycling bin. One environmentally responsible company is forging ahead of this issue, and taking recycled materials, such as wood, flax fiber, and dollar bills, to create a long-lasting, eco-friendly personal hygiene item! The Radius Source Toothbrush helps you save money and eliminates waste by offering reusable handles that last a lifetime – the only cost to you is to replace the head of the toothbrush!

Even more special? This eco-inspired toothbrush has a reversible handle, making it ergonomically correct for both right-handed and left-handed people! The super-soft bristles make this toothbrush a favorite of “Mom’s” at Tiny Green Mom!

Individual, 3-pack and 6-packs are available, as well as replacement heads in a package of 2. To purchase, visit

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BIG & BOLD – these roomy, stand-on-their-own bags are made from recycled materials and are meant to make the household task of sorting and separating items for recycling a breeze. With sturdy, reinforced handles for carrying, Kangaroom Recycle Bags are washable and can be used to hold everything from newspapers and cardboard to glass and lawn trimmings. They are big enough to make a great beach bag, too! They fold down easily for storage, and arrive packaged as a set of 2. Super affordable, priced at $12.99. Available online at KangaRoom Storage.

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You have heard some of them before – bring your own reusable cloth bag & bag your own groceries, buy locally grown produce – but what about these super tips for going green at the grocery store?

1. When picking out your favorite fruits and veggies in the produce aisle, do you really need to bag each item individually? The bags most likely get tossed when you get home anyway! Bring a smaller cloth bag with you for separating produce or just place inside a basket set in your cart specifically for fruits and vegetables.

2. Choose items in glass, cardboard or recyclable containers – all items that can in turn, be recycled once used. Also, choose products that are packaged in post-consumer recycled materials if possible.

3. Buy fresh! Stick to the outer edges of the grocery aisle, for cheeses & dairy products, fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These items are not wrapped in plastic inside a cardboard box – what you see is what you get! Minimal packaging, maximum flavor and freshness. Your body (and the Earth!) will thank you!

*Image provided by Kangaroom Storage*