These tasty little fruit snacks are a little more crunchy than funky, but “Mom” and her little one have been enjoying each fruit flavor from Funky Monkey Snacks since they have graced the kitchen! A healthy snack for the whole family to enjoy at home or on-the-go, Funky Monkey Snacks are crispy real fruit snacks that are Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, tree nut and peanut-free, and wheat free! They contain no GMO’s, no added sugar, preservatives, coloring or flavoring. Plus, many of the ingredients used are organic!

Available in seven distinct fruit flavors, including Applemon, Bananamon, Carnaval Mix, JiveALime, MangOJ, Pink Pineapple, and Purple Funk – there is something tangy for everyone in the family! “Mom” loved the PurpleFunk, which contains freeze-dried organic banana and organic acai!

To learn more about Funky Monkey Snacks, to locate a retailer near you, or to order online, visit

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Healthy Summer Nutrition Tips from Funky Monkey Snacks

1. Get Your Fill of Water. Hydration is critical, especially in the southern states where the sudden transition from air conditioning to high heat can shock the body. To help avoid muscle cramps and headaches—and to nourish skin—drink plenty of liquids, especially water. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition outlines the following choices along with the maximum recommended daily eight-ounce servings: water (9 for women, 13 for men), unsweetened tea (8), unsweetened coffee (4), diet sodas and calorie-free beverages (4), skim or low-fat milk (2), 100% fruit juices, whole milk, or sports drinks (1), soft drinks or juice drinks (1).

2. Find a Farmer. There isn’t a better time of year to visit local farmers markets where an amazing array of healthy produce awaits. Many vegetables are high in nutrients and fiber—kale, chard, and mustard greens offer Vitamins C and E, which are good for eyes strained by the sun. Potassium-rich potatoes and spinach help avoid muscle cramps as well. Try putting vegetables on the backyard grill along with your main course for a special treat.

3. Up Your Fruit Quotient. The sun can wreak havoc on skin during outdoor activities. To nourish skin, complement your increased water intake with fresh fruit like raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, all of which have antioxidants and vitamin C. Bananas are also good sources of potassium; make smoothies or fruit kabobs to add variety. Freeze-dried Funky Monkey™ Snacks are also a good fruit alternative—crunchy, bite-sized 100% real fruit snacks that are nutritionally equivalent to their fresh fruit counterparts and made with bananas, pineapples, apples, papaya, raisins, and açai.

4. Lighter is Better. Eating smaller meals more often is always a good idea, but especially in summer when people tend to miss eating at meal times or are suddenly presented with a picnic or party smorgasbord. Lighter fare is also a good way to get nutrients without excessive calories—make gazpacho or other cold soups, and try BBQ alternatives like turkey or skinless, marinated chicken. Chili is another convenient and fun summertime entrée; make a potful in advance, using nutrient-rich chicken or vegetables, so it’s on hand when no one feels like cooking.

5. Go Fishing. Fish, along with lean meats, beans, chickpeas, and soy products, are all high in protein, making them great not only for muscle development, but also to help hair that is overcome by exposure to sunlight and saltwater. Grill fish for a great summertime meal—and while you’re at it, up your consumption of eggs, another important source of protein.

6. Limit High Calorie Treats. It’s easy to make ice cream a habit during warm weather, but ice cream, not to mention cookies, popsicles, pies and fried desserts, can add fat and calories much faster than increased summertime activity can work off. Newer low-fat versions of ice cream or sorbet are better-tasting than ever; another alternative is to eat a healthy meal and then plan an after-dinner diversion to take everyone’s mind off big desserts.

7. Think About the Kids. Erratic eating can be especially hard on children during the summer—and their demand for treats can ruin anyone’s commitment to good nutrition. Try to maintain a regular meal schedule as much as possible, and keep only healthy snacks in the house, so no one is tempted. Having healthy snacks in the car at all times also helps when kids suddenly start complaining. Funky Monkey Snacks are easy to carry and better for kids than dried fruit or fruit snacks (dried fruit does not preserve all the nutrients of fresh fruit, and fruit snacks often contain added sugars, colors, flavors and preservatives.)

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For an afternoon pick-me-up, a post-workout shake, or an easy recipe to make to start the day, this smoothie graced with both chocolate and açaí really hits the spot!

Chocotein Açaí Shake


1 cup of milk (“Mom” prefers Soymilk or Almond Milk)
1 pack of Amafruits Pure açaí purée (frozen)
2 tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (you can use other flavors as well)
1 banana


Add everything to blender except banana. Blend for 30 seconds on medium setting. Add banana and pulse blender to frappe the shake. Drink and enjoy!

*Recipe and image courtesy of Amafruits.*

Pure, power-packed delight in a glass! This nutritious smoothie featuring açaí and coconut provides an efficient boost of energy, especially during the mid-day slump!

Açaí and Coconut Smoothie


2 packs of Amafruits Pure açaí purée (frozen)
½ cup of coconut milk
½ cup coconut water
1 tablespoon of honey (sugar, agave or sweeteners)
1 tablespoon of coconut flakes (decoration)


In a blender, blend all of the ingredients together except the flakes, until consistent. Pour into your favorite glass and sprinkle the coconut flakes on top. Drink and enjoy!

*Recipe and image courtesy of Amafruits.*

Mom” was recently introduced to Amafruits, delicious, Brazilian-style açaí, which is power-packed with antioxidants! She had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the dynamic duo behind Amafruits, Brandon and Rebeca Hovey, and learn a bit more about this sustainable company.

An Interview with the Creators of Amafruits

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

Amafruits was established to bring authentic Brazilian-style açaí to our friends and family. True nutritional power and the premium flavor of our hand-picked, wild-grown açaí are delivered straight to you from the Amazon in convenient frozen packs. Each Amafruits açaí pack helps preserve a piece of our treasured Amazon Rainforest, “the lungs of our planet,” by contributing to fair trade practices that provide the economic incentive to those in the Amazon to protect the native environment for sustainable harvesting instead of clear-cutting rainforest for the value of wood or other destructive land uses such as soy & cattle farming.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

We avoid bottled water and instead choose re-usable water containers where possible; we avoid GMOs in our food and buy organic where logically it makes sense; we support local & sustainable farmers; we recycle paper, glass, cans, and plastic packaging in our home and office; and we purchase recyclable office supplies including compostable sampling cups & spoons.

Guilty green pleasure?

Fair-trade dark chocolate – we love it.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

If you combine a positive focus with hard work, you will find lots of opportunities for success. And, remember to enjoy the journey.

For more information on Amafruits, please visit

Serve a heart-healthy cocktail to your lover this Valentine’s Day! Packed with antioxidants, lush and fruity – this scrumptious cocktail featuring Amafruits Pure Açaí serves 4-6 people.

Fancy Açaí Cocktail


9 sprigs mint for decoration
3 cups of ice
3 packs of Amafruits Pure açaí (thaw for 30 min)
9 oz vodka
3 oz pomegranate juice
3 oz orange juice
3 oz lime juice
9 teaspoons of honey or agave nectar


Mash 3 sprigs of mint in a cocktail shaker using a muddler. Add 1 cup of ice, 1 pack of açaí, 3 oz vodka, 1 oz pomegranate juice, 1 oz orange juice, 1 oz lime juice, and 3 teaspoons agave. Cover the cocktail shaker with the lid and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Amafruits.*

Move over orange juice! The superfruits are here to liven up your morning! Genesis Today is bringing health to the masses by offering their Superfruit juices at Walmart and Sam’s Club, which are available in 3 antioxidant-rich flavors: Acai Berry, Cranberry Goji, and Pomegranate & Berries with Resveratrol. “Mom’s” favorite? The Cranberry Goji! It is cranberry juice with an added health boost!

“There is a shift in tide currently under way in the beverage market. This new beverage trend is all about the ‘halo of health’ around beverages with purpose – juices created with more antioxidants and vitamins than ever before and made with unique fruits and natural compounds like Acai, Goji berry and Resveratrol,” according to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Founder & CEO of Genesis Today.

Dr. Lindsey Duncan is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritionist, who has been a trusted leader in the natural health products industry since 1983. After leading a successful nutrition practice in Santa Monica and logging over 40,000 hours of clinical experience, Dr. Lindsey wanted to do more. Dr. Lindsey has brought the superior, customized nutrition he had given his celebrity clients to everyone in America because he believes that no matter what your financial situation or your exercise routine, you deserve to be healthier, now.

In addition to the juices, Genesis Today also offers a variety of healthy snacks such as Dark Chocolate Cacao Pudding (yes, there is such a thing as healthy pudding!) and Super Chews. Why wait for the New Year to start taking better care of yourself?

For more info on Genesis Today and Dr. Lindsey visit


Genesis Today will choose one lucky Grand Prize winner to receive the “Ask Dr. Lindsey – Prize Pack.” This will include a personal health consultation from Dr. Lindsey Duncan himself suited to your specific health and nutritional needs and will include a three (3) month supply of Genesis Today products – a $600 value. Second Place will receive a three (3) month supply of Genesis Today Superfruit juices, and 25 Runners up will receive a free bottle of Genesis Today Superfruit juices.

Enter now at:

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Whole food nutrition at its’ best! In today’s busy world, achieving optimal health can be a challenge. Reserveage Organics Vibrance Multivitamin offers a wonderfully wholesome way to nourish both mind and body, and is currently the only organic Resveratrol-based multivitamin available. This unique formulation provides the benefits of a daily multivitamin with the added boost of resveratrol, the antioxidant found in red wine as well as the stems, skin, and seeds of grapes. For those seeking to add the many benefits of resveratrol without imbiding red wine or eating grapes by the truckload, the Vibrance Multivitamin is an excellent option!

For more information on the benefits of resveratrol, please click here.

In addition to resveratrol, this multivitamin provides the benefits of a variety of known superfruits, including acai, pomegranate, mangosteen, and the goji berry. The Vibrance Multivitamin contains a proprietary blend of green superfoods, such as kelp, alfalafa, spirulina, chlorella, and barley grass, and a Super Veggie Powder Blend, which would put Popeye’s diet of spinach for strength to shame! This one little multivitamin certainly packs a powerful punch!

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Nature. Harmony. Wellness. YogaEarth™ provides the proper nutrition for a holistic yoga practice in two synergistic blends, Balance and Vitality. While the blends were inspired by the Yogi-Built approach, both Balance and Vitality can be used by anyone who wants to reap the benefits of a protein-rich, vegetarian-safe supplement with 37 high-potency nutritional actives. What’s your practice? Whether you are a runner, hiker, skier or weight-lifter, Balance will help you to prepare and perform, while Vitality will assist in recovery and reintegration.

Each box contains 30 individual packets – packaged for convenience and portability. Tuck a packet or two into your pocket, purse, yoga bag, or backpack for on-the-go nutrition. Simply mix the blend of choice with 4-6 ounces of water or juice, and stir vigorously. Drink immediately, as the contents will start to settle. For Balance usage directions, click here and for Vitality usage directions, click here. “Mom” has been adding the Balance blend into her morning smoothie – YUM!

Both Balance and Vitality are gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free, and contain absolutely no high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or other additives. In addition, both are vegetarian-safe, with no animal or seafood products.

To order a Full Month Kit or a 7-Day Refill of either Balance or Vitality, please visit

*Company provided samples, images, and information for this review.*