Mom” recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Tara Dickinson, who just launched Nirvana Mama in 2011! Tara shared a little insight into why she created Nirvana Mama, and the inspiration behind the designs of the line. For moms, babies and toddlers – we think you will fall in love with this new sustainable company!

An Interview with Tara Dickinson, Founder of Nirvana Mama

1. Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

Nirvana Mama was born during a meditation session. In collaboration with another artistic friend, the original designs draw on the joy and happiness of childhood. Not just baby clothes; these are the beginning of a greener future.

With your child’s comfort in mind and knowing we each have a commitment to a healthier planet, the fabrics chosen are made with 100% certified organic cotton yarns grown from non-genetically altered seeds and nourished without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Through awareness of self and of the moment Tara strives to share herself with others. She hopes Nirvana Mama can bring smiles and lightness to people’s lives as they raise the children in their midst. Every child deserves the best and Nirvana Mama is making it easy to go green with kids.

2. How do you choose to go green in your own life?

Every single way I can possibly can! Mostly I recycle just about everything, every piece of cardboard, paper, bottle, can, foil, jars, clothing, yard waste–you name it I recycle it. I compost so no food goes into landfills. I have yet to create a successful garden or eatable food but at least I making some good soil. I eat organic and mostly unprocessed fresh foods. I buy locally for as many products as possible and never spend my dollars at large corporate stores. I never use fertilizer on my property, never waste water on lawn maintenance and have moved to mostly native flora. Walk, bike and car pool as much as possible. Always use shopping totes—working hard to make others aware of the over 1 billion plastic bags American’s deposit into landfills every year. And just this year I have made a commitment to never buy a plastic bottle again.

3. Guilty green pleasure?

My non-green guilty pleasure I would have to say is the Sunday paper from time to time and for a super cheat: orange food. Cheese whiz on top of cheese puffs. A guilty green pleasure …..can’t think of any green thing that’s guilty

4. Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

I would say tenacity and standing by your convictions. Put yourself and what you have to offer out there and liked-minded people will find you. We’re here! The sayings are true; each one of us can make a difference. Our biggest power is where and how we spend our dollars. If we all personally make the sustainable choice as often as we can, those choices get noticed. They get noticed by our family, our friends, and than by the population and industry at large. At this very moment in time sustainable can be a harder and often times more expensive choice. But if we keep offering alternatives the market and demand will turn the tide until we’re living in a sustainable society!