Moms, drink to your baby’s good health! Mamatini™ is the first-ever, doctor-designed, ready-to-drink, organic herbal infusion created to help women breastfeed better, easier, and for longer. This lovely drink is best served chilled or over ice, so not only is it good for you and for your baby, but it is refreshing, as well! Mamatini™ contains fenugreek, fennel, chamomile and ginger – herbs that have been used for centuries to address the challenges that can accompany breastfeeding. Mamatini was designed by a pediatrician to help increase milk supply, increase energy and increase overall good health for mom and baby. Full of zip, with a delightful gingermint flavor from both organic ginger and organic spearmint – this will definitely become your postpartum drink of choice!

To learn more about the benefits of drinking Mamatini™, or to order, please visit Their website is chock full of tips and additional information for the breastfeeding mommy! Right now, you can get free shipping on your first order of Mamatini™ with the promo code SHIPFREE. Drink up!

Mamatini was created by Erica Duignan Minnihan, a former venture capitalist, MBA and mother of 3 who was frustrated by her inability to find a delicious and convenient beverage to support her body’s needs while she was breastfeeding. Tired of brewing fenugreek tea at all hours of the day and night, she decided to collaborate with her pediatrician on a formula that would support a woman’s milk supply and take a holistic approach to her needs as a new mom, helping her body absorb more vitamins and minerals and increasing her energy. The result is Mamatini.

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Mom” at Tiny Green Mom was recently introduced to Mad Hippie – a fantastic socially responsible company that has developed a natural skin care line. Now, “Mom” went to college in Colorado, and couldn’t help but be intrigued by Mad Hippie, just by the name alone, as it brought back old college memories of friends who drove VW buses, wore tie dyed t-shirts and drank Fat Tire beer. But after reading about this company and the phenomenal line of products they have developed, “Mom” couldn’t wait to try out the No More Crows Eye Cream!

The first thing to note about the eye cream is how delightfully fresh it smells when applying! (No chemical-laden smell here!) Rich in natural moisturizers, such as Argan Oil, No More Crows features the benefits of White Tea, Chamomile Extract, and Pomegranate, plus Regu-Age, Eyeliss, and Dermaxyl. This rich, peptide eye repair cream utilizes the antioxidant power of both the White Tea and Pomegranate to lift and tone the skin around the eyes, as well as to help heal the wrinkles already starting to form. In addition, No More Crows help to increase the production of both collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation and fight free radical damage. This is one potent eye cream! To learn more about the ingredients & their benefits found in No More Crows Eye Repair Cream, please click here.

At only $24, Mad Hippie’s No More Crows is affordable and one bottle lasts for a full month’s supply. Mad Hippie even offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. To purchase this and other natural skin care products from Mad Hippie, visit

*Company provided a sample, images and information for this review.*

A truly decadent cream for little bottoms! BABYBEARSHOP’s Cheeky Baby Butter soothes and heals diaper rash with calming chamomile, red mandarin and lavender combined with organic shea butter. Just a little will go a long way, and moms may find themselves dipping into the jar to moisturize dry, cracked hands after washing! Not just for baby’s behind, this rich, all-natural cream will soothe everything from cradle cap to minor skin irritations & eczema. To order Cheeky Baby Butter and other delightful organic skincare items from their line, such as Mama Belly Oil, visit BABYBEARSHOP.

*BABYBEARSHOP sent a sample for this review.*

Developed for sensitive skin and those with allergies in mind, BABYBEARSHOP creates decadent organic skincare products for mamas and babies, from their Cheeky Baby Butter and Mama Belly Oil to their Baby Bird Soap and “All The Better to Kiss You With” eco lip balms.

Drench mom’s parched, dry skin with Cheeky Baby Butter or rub some on baby’s bottom for soothing relief of diaper rash. For pregnant moms, the Mama Belly Oil can be massaged gently on taut bellies or breasts. Apply the luscious eco lip balms to lips that are experiencing the harsh effects of winter or tuck into a pocket or purse while on the go! All BABYBEARSHOP products are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

*BABYBEARSHOP sent sample for review.*