Pink and oh-so-pretty, this spill-proof, stainless steel trainer cup from Munchkin is perfect for keeping your little girl’s drink cold (and her hands warm) this summer! Not just for little ladies, Munchkin offers blue and green stainless steel trainer cups, too! For ages 9 months of age and up, these handy, portable cups can be used anywhere – on playdates, at the beach, poolside, and in the car on the way to Grandma’s house! With easy-to-grip handles for tiny hands, this will be the cup of choice as your little one transitions from bottle to “big-kid” cups!

Parents will love that Munchkin’s Stainless Steel Trainer Cups are BPA-Free, dishwasher-safe, and super easy-to-clean. For more information, to locate a retailer near you, or to order, visit

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Making lunches for your children becomes a breeze with EasyLunchBoxes! For those moms with picky eaters, (who hasn’t had one of those at one time or another?!) the EasyLunchBox system separates and divides each item, storing each one neatly until it is time to eat! With so much to do in the morning, this innovative system makes it simple to pack delicious and nutritious meals in proper portions for the entire family! EasyLunchBoxes arrive with 4 BPA-Free and PVC-Free containers, each with a different brightly-colored lid, making it you guessed it, EASY to organize meals for each child. Each container is made to fit into the custom EasyLunchbox carrying bag, which can be personalized and is available in 5 distinct colors. The containers are made of durable, food-safe material, so they are dishwasher-safe! EasyLunchBoxes arrive in a set of 4 for just $13.95 and the accompanying EasyLunch Cooler Bag costs $7.95.

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*Company sent a sample, images, and provided information for this review.*