Just a Spoonful of Comfort helps the medicine go down…in the most delightful way! “Mom” just found out about this wonderful new company aptly named Spoonful of Comfort, which delivers handmade chicken soup right to the recipient’s door! Sometimes there is nothing more soothing than a bowl of homemade chicken soup to comfort both the body and soul.

Prepared fresh daily, Spoonful of Comfort delivers chicken soup, oatmeal cookies, and made from scratch rolls – all the makings for a home cooked meal! The creator behind Spoonful of Comfort knows that when someone is sick, lonely, grieving or far away from family, they long for a touch of home. The right gift to send is not candy, flowers, or a gift card, but something more meaningful and personal. Ahhhh…. soup for the soul!

The all-natural chicken soup recipe contains no preservatives. Each 64-oz. jar of soup costs $32 plus shipping and makes 4-6 servings. For an additional $6, the sender can add a half-dozen oatmeal raisin cookies or rolls to the package. Orders can be shipped nationwide! To order a Spoonful of Comfort for someone you love, please visit

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We can all recall that when we were little, one of the major steps in growing up was the sleep-away camp. As excited kids and worried parents get ready for this landmark, it can be easy to forget to pack some crucial basics to ensure kids’ safety. With that in mind, Moishe’s Mobile Storage has put together the below tips and packing hints to provide for a smooth trip for your child.

As industry experts and leaders in the moving industry, Moishe’s has seen it all. Based on experience as well as diverse knowledge of the industry, the company has compiled the following tips and hints to help any family packing with their child for the first time or wanting to review what is needed since last year’s adventures.


Necessities – There is always a need for the common things when leaving home for a long time. These could include soap, shampoo, deodorant, medication, and a toothbrush. A way to have your child bring these to camp could be in an easy to carry bucket with their name or a shower caddy that they can decorated to stand out.

Nature Comforts – Not only will your child be moving in with new friends, but they will be bunking with some unfamiliar critters. Don’t forget to pack plenty of bug spray and sunscreen as part of your camper’s daily defenses. Trash bags can also be used as a makeshift poncho when rain hits but can also be used for dirty laundry.

Mom’s” pick? Badger SPF30 Anti-Bug Sunscreen!

Memory Makers – Summer camp will be full of fun memories, so be sure to include a disposable camera and perhaps a journal. Cameras should definitely be disposable since they have a good chance of disappearing throughout the camper’s stay. Journals can also be tailored to your kid so they can record their memories and keep track of friends.

Mom” loves the eco-friendly and brightly colored journals by ecosystem!

Comfort Items – It may be your child’s first time away from home so it might be hard to adapt. Make sure that you pack a few surprises in their bag including family pictures and stuffed animals. These items are a quick fix for homesickness and will be a good start for the campers to share stories of home.

Mom” recommends Feeling Campy Spray to help ward off homesickness!

What to Avoid – Even though your child may use certain scented shampoos or lotions, they are not a good idea at a camp because they will attract insects. Every child appreciates their own goodies from home such as their favorite cookies and candy. However, call ahead to see if the camp allows snacks and if so, be sure to pack them in air-tight containers to avoid a visit from bugs.

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Sending your child off to summer camp this year? As you pack and prepare belongings, making sure to tuck in extra snacks along with all of the essentials like socks, sunscreen, and a favorite pillow, you will want to include Feeling Campy, the newest children’s aromatherapeutic spray from Bravery in a Bottle! Your child might seem excited at all of the activities like hiking and singing by the campfire, but underneath may be feeling just a bit apprehensive about being so far from home, especially if it is the first time. With just a spray of Feeling Campy, a dim mood can be uplifted and fears can be eradicated by the aromatherapeutic scent of lemon, lime, mandarin, pink grapefruit and litsea!

Not just for easing homesickness, this delightful spray is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral, (great for germy cabins!) and makes a wonderful disinfectant, natural antiseptic and most importantly – insect repellent!

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