Eco-Friendly Apps for Your iPad

Whether you are trying to save on gas, promote less paper waste, or find a fun way to help your kids understand their role in our ecosystem, you can do it all conveniently from your iPad. Many applications make going green both engaging and convenient at a couple dollars per app or often for free. With several new apps on the market you’ll want to know which ones are eco-friendly and available.

1. My Recycle List (free) allows you to locate the position of places where you can recycle specific items you may choose from a list. If you find a location you like and want to return to it, there is a function that allows you to save and organize several recycling locations. This app is especially helpful if you have many items that you need to take outside of your home to recycle. It allows you to find the locations and areas where you can recycle the majority of your materials without driving all over town and adding to atmospheric vehicle emissions.

2. iBooks (free) is a great application for avid readers. Whether you are standing in line, sitting in a waiting room, or on a lunch break, iBooks will give you access to your entire library of full downloaded books. Are you a student that wants to take notes in the margins? This app allows you to take notes, highlight, and locate specific passages. If you’re tired of contributing to paper consumption and carrying or storing volumes of books, this is a great app for you.

3. Crazy Weather ($1.99) engages your children in an educational and interactive story which teaches valuable lessons on climate change. This app is perfect for the parent on the go who wants to give their child a sense of their part in climate change at an early age. It is sure to be a fun and educational journey and at the same time, appropriate for smaller children.

4. iGrowIt ($0.99) is the ideal app for aspiring gardeners and horticulturalists. If spring has sprung and you are wondering which vegetables you can plant, look no further. When you select the “What can I grow today?” button, you get a list of which vegetables are appropriate for the current month. Also available are instructions on how to plant and harvest your vegetables with recipe ideas as an added bonus.

5. SoundPaper ($4.99) is another great app for anyone who needs to take notes. Using the touch-screen keyboard, you type in notes as though you were on your laptop or desktop computer. What SoundPaper has that your personal computer may not, is the ability to draw sketches and record audio bits at the tap of a finger. This app would be especially convenient for students or business professionals. Save paper while combing three different types of note-taking modalities with SoundPaper.

6. Route4me (free) if you have a job or personal life which takes you all over town, Route4Me can get you there by navigating in the most timely and effective manner. Especially for people whose career is based in driving goods or people to various destinations, time is money and this app will save both along with miles and emissions by optimizing your trip route.

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