Eco-Friendly Games for the Whole Family

The green living movement, defined by environmental responsibility and sustainable living, has swept the nation in recent years, becoming an integral aspect of everyday life for many Americans. Today children can participate in going green by playing one of the many eco friendly games designed which are designed for the whole family. While the standard manufacturing practices of many family games still rely on environmentally harmful products like plastic and rubber, these eco-friendly games are comprised of 100% recycled and biodegradable products and their production causes no damage to the natural world around us. By taking the time to research environmentally sustainable games for your family, you can easily provide amusement and entertainment in a package that is beneficial to the environment.

A quick online search will provide curious parents with a wealth of eco friendly games that are designed for the whole family. For example, the PlanToys Plan Preschool Eco Recycling Game, Game and Puzzle set is a fun filled game that teaches kids the value of recycling in a simple to play format. Coming complete with a pair of dice, four playing figures and 16 recyclable waste tokens, this game promotes the concept of recycling to children and rewards the player who recycles all of his tokens the fastest. PlanToys is a leading manufacturer of eco friendly games and they utilize only biodegradable, chemical free and recycled materials in all of their products. Another recognized figure in the eco friendly game market is Late for the Sky, a company which produces the popular Garden-opoly and Earth-opoly games. A sustainable take on the classic Monopoly game, Garden-opoly enables children to purchase and stock their own greenhouses, protecting them from dandelion outbreaks and aphid infestations. The Late for the Sky line of Monopoly-themed nature games teaches environmentally sustainable lessons to children in a fun and accessible format.

While the concept of eco-friendly games may be a relatively new one, many of the most environmentally sustainable games for children are actually classic versions which have been played for decades. An old fashioned game of hide and go seek is interactive, challenging and exciting for a group of youngsters, and yet the game requires no parts or set-up and does not contribute to environmental degradation in anyway. Tag, duck-duck-goose and red rover – red rover are all examples of simple games for children that require nothing more than an active imagination and the seemingly limitless energy afforded by youth. For parents seeking eco friendly diversionary activities for their children, a visit to the park and a bit of creativity will result in a fun filled day that poses no threat to the environment. Identifying eco-friendly games that are fit for the whole family is a matter of keeping an open mind. If you are willing to try new things and keep an adventurous spirit, you will soon find that environmentally conscious games can provide your children with entertainment while still upholding your family’s responsibility to preserving the natural world.

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